PSM3: Killzone 2 Trailer Exposed

PSM3 discuss their impressions of the Killzone footage at GDC 2007 with exclusive screens in 10.80i crayon.

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FordGTGuy3899d ago

Killzone is going to be so awesome....... maybe....... not...

BrotherSic3899d ago

I still have no doubt that this game is be very good looking, it has to. Can you imagine the backlash if it didnt?

I will even say that it will look better than Halo 3 but will it play better? draw the same amount of attention? not a chance

DJ3899d ago

a massive trailer that set the gaming community on fire. People are still talking Killzone, and we haven't even seen a sliver of game footage (or any other footage for that matter) in nearly 2 years. That's pretty damn impressive if you ask me.

BrotherSic3898d ago (Edited 3898d ago )

You and I both know that the only reason Killzone 2 is generating hype is because they produced a cgi trailer and then claimed it to be in game footage.

DJ3898d ago

proving Guerilla stated "This is in-game footage"? Sorry, my memory's a bit hazy at the moment.

FirstknighT3898d ago

There is only ONE reason why Killzone has any hype. Not because of the gameplay, not because of the first Killzone that was a complete failure. It's because of the e3 video.

Halo is a proven franchise that doesn't try to trick the consumers with fake videos. Halo is confident enough to show videos in its alpha stage. Killzone is going to be ANOTHER FPS with war torn streets. Booooooooooooooooring!

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overrated3899d ago (Edited 3899d ago )

yep i got this mag today, they said it was just below the E3 Demo. im happy with that :)