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PSM3: Killzone 2 Trailer Exposed

PSM3 discuss their impressions of the Killzone footage at GDC 2007 with exclusive screens in 10.80i crayon. (Killzone 2, PS3)

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Violater  +   2879d ago
thats all i can say.
FordGTGuy  +   2879d ago
I wish halo had subtitles over the NPCs heads
Killzone is going to be so awesome....... maybe....... not...
kingboy  +   2879d ago
Still tight on info
BrotherSic  +   2879d ago
I still have no doubt that this game is be very good looking, it has to. Can you imagine the backlash if it didnt?

I will even say that it will look better than Halo 3 but will it play better? draw the same amount of attention? not a chance
DJ  +   2879d ago
Well Halo 3 didn't have
a massive trailer that set the gaming community on fire. People are still talking Killzone, and we haven't even seen a sliver of game footage (or any other footage for that matter) in nearly 2 years. That's pretty damn impressive if you ask me.
BrotherSic  +   2879d ago
You and I both know that the only reason Killzone 2 is generating hype is because they produced a cgi trailer and then claimed it to be in game footage.
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DJ  +   2879d ago
Do you have a published quote
proving Guerilla stated "This is in-game footage"? Sorry, my memory's a bit hazy at the moment.
FirstknighT  +   2879d ago
There is only ONE reason why Killzone has any hype. Not because of the gameplay, not because of the first Killzone that was a complete failure. It's because of the e3 video.

Halo is a proven franchise that doesn't try to trick the consumers with fake videos. Halo is confident enough to show videos in its alpha stage. Killzone is going to be ANOTHER FPS with war torn streets. Booooooooooooooooring!
overrated  +   2879d ago
yep i got this mag today, they said it was just below the E3 Demo. im happy with that :)
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InMyOpinion  +   2879d ago
The brainwashing starts...
It's ingame!...
It's not ingame, but that's what the game will look like...
Not quite as good as the CGI, but almost...
Nothing like the CGI, but still good...

And when they show pictures of what it will actually look like, the game will look nothing at all like what was promised but people will be too blinded by the hype to notice...
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The great 1  +   2879d ago
So basically what you are saying Jenzo even if this were to be the greatest game that the world had ever seen and totally demolished everything on your PC and Xbox 360 we shouldn't buy or play the game because it didin't quite match up to the E3 2005 trailer, you jealous Xbox fanboys really need to get over it!
InMyOpinion  +   2879d ago
I'm just speaking my mind, not trying to flame.

What I'm saying is that it has a lot to live up to. Killzone 1 didn't crush anything at all, demolished no competition whatsoever. All the hype comes from a CGI movie that's 3 years old now. Not much to build up expectations from if you ask me. I'm not saying it won't be good, it might turn out to be the best fps ever. But then again, Guerilla games catalogue is'nt that impressive (remember Shellshock 'nam 67?). Same thing with Ninja Theory (Kung-Fu Chaos). Neither of them have developed any remarkable games.
To quote a famous comedian: "What have they done for you lately?"
Bathyj  +   2878d ago
Yeah, but remember a crap game called Oni on PS2. What did that dev go on to do with 4 years work?
No matter what happens KZ2 will be a major disappointment to millions of people who never played it. They will complain that the graphics dont look like CGI, never remarking that the graphic actually look really good. They'll whine thats this is different or thats different, totally ignoring all the good things about it. They's just to much hype built up already and its not even Sony or Guerillas fault. All they've done is release a trailer and let the lunatics on the internet run wild.

The first game was a good solid shooter. I loved it. The only reason it was judged with such a high yardstick is cos idiot games journos and fanboys called it a halokiller which of course it isn't. Can we just see what the games like and then judge it on its own merits. Thats my plan, and thats why I'll enjoy it, whether it looks like CGI or not.
The great 1  +   2878d ago
You said it totally how it is and totally how it's gonna be, the first person to tell the truth about Killzone a solid shooter but not a Halo killer, but Halo ain't that good anyway.
techie  +   2879d ago
Note this is their april issue...
ThaGeNeCySt  +   2879d ago
LOL @ 10.80i crayon
Dread1981  +   2879d ago
it may still look very good..
After seening the vids shown of lair and the amount of details in it, i wonder how this will be, lair is 32 x 32 km, and that looks incredible, so i realy wonder what this will look like when its confiende to a smaller area..
marison  +   2879d ago
32km x 32km is huge
Same extension of the Just Cause gameplay area. More than 5 minutes to cross in the faster airjet.
FordGTGuy  +   2879d ago
Forgot to take his meds this morning.
Killer Cop  +   2879d ago
Ah ah ah,
Killzone news! :D But very tight..
snoop_dizzle  +   2879d ago
this could look good
i just wan to see actual in game footage, like they are with lair.
Jay da 2KBalla  +   2879d ago
Killzone didnt sell 6 million plus copies. Halo 1 did.

Killzone didnt sell 7 million plus copies. Halo 2 did.

And yea you are correct. Killzone did set the gaming public on fire........with anger. I was ready to curse up a storm when I found out that video was fake as hell just like the motorstorm vid was fake.
Marriot VP  +   2879d ago
You just don't get it, do you

Killzone 2 is going to be insanely good because Sony and the developer says it will be. Sure we haven't seen one once of ingame proof, but who wants proof when you can have something far better - Sony's word.
stingray9191  +   2879d ago
wow your an ignorant bastard PAUL CERULA
techie  +   2879d ago
note his sarcasm
power of Green  +   2879d ago
I think he grasps the sarcasm...
MoonDust  +   2879d ago
That was obvious sarcasm.
Cmon people.
Dread1981  +   2879d ago
stop flaming plz
we all want to see what killzone looks like, there is no need to call one another names or being rude just because we cant wait to see what it looks like.. lets all just enjoy our games and systems :-))
Dread1981  +   2879d ago
good finding Deepbrown :-)
techie  +   2879d ago
thanks dude :)
TheExecutive  +   2879d ago
there are more 360 fans commenting here than fans of the ps3... weird.
tehcellownu  +   2879d ago
if its nearly as good as e3 im happy with it..
gooner  +   2879d ago
weird how so many 360 fanboys on this page talking about halo
cause there shivering in their boots
fine then when bungie called in 1up for halo 3 beta
what did they say again
and that wasent sonys word
bobbybrown  +   2879d ago
this game is gonna be f*ckin awesome!!!!
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   2879d ago
What's wrong with you fanboys today? Dissing Killzone for looking slightly under its CGI counterpart? Do you think Halo 3 will look ANYWHERE CLOSE to its CGI movie???

No, not one Sony executive said it was in-game. Wait...an employee mentioned that he wasn't sure if it was in-game or not? YEAH, THAT'S PROOF! Nobody gets their facts straight here.

Yeah, Halo lovers are pretty scared right now. It will play better than Halo 3 too, I'm sure. If every PC shooter played better than Halo 1 and 2...why would this be any different?

Paul Cerula - Yeah, and instead we can believe Microsoft's word. That's an intelligent decision!!! They spend more time in a court than Shaq! Shut up...I know that was a terrible joke, but I was getting my point across. They could out-lie Sony any day...
hamburgerhill  +   2879d ago
I'm just curious what PC game played better than Halo? I've played them all and just can't figure out which one's your talking about! Also one thing I thank Halo 2 for is the way they didn't just make you feel like a floating cursor like all pc and other console games! Yes some games added in legs but no games did it justice like Halo 2! Killzone will hopefully be hot but I don't know and won't know anything until I see something playable and not shots!
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   2879d ago
I think stingray may have known that paul was being sarcastic. I'm not sure though. If not...then, I think someone ELSE is the ignorant one.

Oh, and...halo sux. <because it offends most of you.
highps3  +   2879d ago
Most are 360 comments... Funny
Killzone should be interesting to see. Wonder how close to their target render they came?

Why Halo got compared to Killzone is beyond me. Halo's like a kids game. Its cartoonish looking.
hamburgerhill  +   2879d ago
Just about every game for PS3 is cartoony so are you saying the PS3 is for kids? Some of these comments never cease to amaze me with there crazy attempts to try and knock something! It doesn't offend anybody when you guy's talk about Halo because we know and you know that it will be awesome! Let's just hope that Killzone lives up to the hype and leave it at that!
TheGoodMART  +   2879d ago
good for sony
and I hope we can all be friends and we can all discuss a cure for my evils twin crack problems.
techie  +   2879d ago
gooner  +   2879d ago
nice 1
kamakazi  +   2879d ago
why do the trolls always seem to leech onto anything killzone related? are you worried it might be better than halo? might look like the e3 trailer? why are the ones who comment most on killzone news are 360 fanboys?
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2879d ago
Sony failed.
All that money wasted.
gooner  +   2879d ago
hes shivering in his boots already
Drew  +   2879d ago
I doubt it.
solideagle1  +   2879d ago
its great
killzone is still a hype game better be good or halo will crush it. lets hope 4 the best. if u read below my offtopic section i can guaratee u kamakazi 360 fanboys are real aggressive(in negative way).i m watching them whole 2&1/2 years BLADESTAR was neutral then but now he just pisses on every ps3 news but thats a life.just read and move on.
mr. deepbrown u have my respect. the most i liked was ZYPHER but now he is not online anymore(i think).

i have a dial up connection here i cant downlaod evrything or watch trailers like u do so i have to judge through comments but every news has some serious bullshi1t in it. i dont comment because i dont have PS3/xbox360/wii thats y i dont know much about them but when i will get ..i hope i will because i m not rich guy....then u will see me making comments lolz
offtopic: hi my name is kamran pervaiz(kami). i have been following this site when this was called ps3only.com the news4gamers.com and now this its been 2and half years watching some brilliant comments but fellows{deepbrown,outlaw,dj,ma rt,gamr,zypher(not online anymore perhaps),bladestar ,maddenraider ,kingboy and others} i need ur help right now

i m studying BCS(bechelor in comp scince) i m currently in 7th semester . .i want to make my final project to make a 3d FPS and man i have know clue from where to begin just help me to guide if soem can gimme ur msn mai address i can even mail u and ask necessary precautions.
thank u very much
power of Green  +   2879d ago
How do you know KZ will look better than Halo 3?, all we've seen are temporary textures and effects with tons of other place holders.The vidoc was mostly a gameplay showcase. No need to even mention Halo.

Killzone 2 Trailer! well thats like MS needing to hype the xbox and saying the Halo 3 TV AD was gameplay that would set the industry on fire aswell and if MS was caught in a lie Halo 3 would be a hot topic as KZ 2 is.

WTF is #27 talking about oh well i wont bother with it I didn't read past the personal attack foolishness i wonder if the rest of his post is just as pointless.
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masterg  +   2879d ago
Well its easy to say it will look better than Halo.
Look at the Halo videos... Looks like it last gen.
Almost every Next Gen game looks better.
Says you  +   2879d ago
Why would anybody trust the people that went to GDC
For all we know that Guerrilla made the graphics happen and some of the game developers are just lieing to the audeiance and making them think its still not as good as the trailer.
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IPlayGames  +   2879d ago
Kill Zone
Im not to big on FPS. I had kill zone but didnt pass it my dad on the other hand passed it twice with all four people. Now hes asking for KZ2 without seeing a single trailer, reading a art. etc.. He doesnt even know that the game will be made. Yet he still ask when is it comming out.

KZ2 will be a good game Sony never said its the Halo killer MS is always the one saying Halo is the sony killer. Sony just puts out good game with the same kind of specs and let the gamers decide with one is better.
TheMART  +   2879d ago
@ Deepbrown

Hey dude were are the links and prove?

"deepbrown - 14 Hours ago


24.2 -
I still find it amusing you think I'm trying to big up the ps3, or to belittle the 360. Please quote from what I said that implies that at all.

*requested pull* sorry guys. pm it is.

ps. in way of proof. I have not the time to research that. I didn't even read this article or your posts, I was asked to post it. Shame I couldn't back it up with said links straight away."

You have no time you say... Which is strange seeing this:

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You're online long enough to get some stuff I guess. Or are the devs you are talking to still searching for you?

BTW a scan of a PS magazine of a trailer, doesn't say so much does it. I thought we were going to see a trailer supplied... A scan... dissapointing...
FirstknighT  +   2879d ago
Damn Deepbrown, time to get off the computer and go ride a bike or something.
Arkham  +   2879d ago
You're quite obsessive, aren't you? What's worse, spending a lot of time on a site, or spending a lot of time on a site trying to prove someone is spending a lot of time on a site?

Oi. Did your broken record player finally break down completely?
kewlkat007  +   2878d ago
I was beginning to think I spend way too much time on here reasoning...Do you work and stuff Deepbrown? just a question mate...you have lots of time to kill I guess.

Well I forgot you don't have the PS3 yet....duuhh
kamakazi  +   2878d ago
and yet the mart leeching onto every PS3 news is not in anyway bad in the eyes of you xbots? the mart has sunk to a new low, stalking people having no life. looking for the smallest detail of a persons action to expose to make himself feel like a bigger man. this has to be the saddest thing i have ever seen. your hard on for SONY is more concerning MART. but i understand, you cant get off on gilrs so your only turn on is anti PS3 news.....sick... get a life THE RETARD.
##?.4 (Edited 2878d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
tethered  +   2878d ago
Haha! Looks like The MART has nothing better to do that stalk deepbrown.

I am holding out for more details on this game. I really want to see in game before I decide.
##?.5 (Edited 2878d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
consolewar  +   2878d ago
Quite funny The Mart and DeepB have....
now their own fanclubs, members, supporters and sh*t. WOW just WOW
gooner  +   2878d ago
as i said exacltly four people agree with him hmmmmmmmmm
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