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Upcoming Michael Jackson Game Might Be Affected by Artist's Death

Michael Jackson, the record-breaking, sensationally gifted "King of Pop" who emerged from childhood superstardom to become the entertainment world's most influential singer and dancer, and the tabloid world's most disturbing celebrity, has died. He was 50.

Michael Jackson has a planned video game bring released for the PS2, PS3, and Nintendo Wii this holiday season. No word yet as to whether or not the performer's death will cause a delay or cancellation of the game. (Culture, Michael Jackson Video Game, PS2, PS3, Wii)

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Shamuz  +   2156d ago
RIP Michael Jackson. :'(
lociefer  +   2156d ago
i loved mj since i was 8 , im 20 now , imagine waking up to this , im really shocked :'('''''''''
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shocky16  +   2156d ago
R.I.P Michael Jackson
You will be missed by 10's of millions of fans.

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n4f  +   2156d ago
R.I.P Michael Joe Jackson
so random i heard at the new he was hospitalize and now hes dead
i remember his great implantation in Sega one of my favorite is sonic3's music
yeah people more remember him has a pedo but they dont remember him for doing good cause

cannot believe this real
R.I.P again
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SKUD  +   2156d ago
Totally didn't see this one coming. I really am surprised by this. King of pop R.I.P.
littletad  +   2156d ago
I still can't believe it
I'll miss him.
FamilyGuy  +   2156d ago
That was out of nowhere. First we hear a game is being made, the next week he dies? And at 50!?

Didn't Farrah Fawcett die today too? The comments on the source site say that 3 celebs died today, who was the third?
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BRACHATTACK  +   2156d ago
God Bless You MJ
You were such an icon, i just can't get over this...

Be at peace, MJ.

Disagrees? You people should be ashamed...
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Lucreto  +   2156d ago
FamilyGuy - 50 is quite young my Mom was born the day after MJ so this has hit home for me and my family
RememberThe357  +   2156d ago
The sad thing is that with all our stupid ass flame wars, go check out the ABC News story on this, and read to disrespectful bullshit they're saying about him...

Panthers  +   2156d ago
My fav entertainer and singer. RIP MJ. I grew up to his music. :(
Ahmad-  +   2156d ago
Dun, dun, dun ..... A child pred bites the dust!
LtSkittles  +   2156d ago
I wasn't a fan,
but it's still sad that it happened.
Rock Bottom  +   2156d ago
Michael Jackson is a legend, he proved that some people will love you even if you were a pedophile.
Lifendz  +   2156d ago
I'm in my late 20's
and believe me when I tell you that when I was kid Michael Jackson was larger than life. He wasn't just a performer; he was the biggest star in the world. I saw him perform at Madison Square Garden when I was six years old and that concert was perhaps the best I've ever been too. Despite the controversy that surrounded his life in his later years, I can say that his music, his shows, and his performances brought my family together on many a night. And getting his Michael Jackson's Moonwalker for Sega Genesis was maybe the best Christmas ever.

Rest in peace Michael.
xwabbit  +   2156d ago
Whose the nub disagreeing
Kassanova07  +   2156d ago
RIP Mike. I'll listen to Thriller in memory of King.
qface64  +   2156d ago
i preferred him when he was black after that meh

but still this was a surprise to hear
i wasn't even aware he was sick
talltony  +   2156d ago
I really really
Wanted to see him in his comeback tour too.
Rest in peace MJ!
table  +   2156d ago
why all the sympathy for a paedo?
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Why o why  +   2156d ago
user858621  +   2156d ago
R.I.P The King Of Pop!!!!
Michael Jackson  +   2156d ago
bushfan  +   2156d ago
he was a pedophile ...i can't feel pity about his dead...

But he was the great king of POP....period
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EpicGamerSwordsman  +   2156d ago
: (
R.I.P Michael Jackson (1959-2009) He maybe dead, but His music lives on forever.
harrisk954  +   2156d ago
So sad...
I remember seeing Michael Jackson in concert in 1984 at the Orange Bowl in Miami... What a bummer! The guy has had nothing but controversy in his life for the past decade. An abrupt end to a sad life...

And poor Farrah Fawcett... overshadowed by MJ in the news only hours after her death... at least Ed McMahon got a few days in the headlines.
bpac123456789  +   2156d ago
R.i.P Michael Jackson
chaosatom  +   2156d ago
His music will live forever.
pixelsword  +   2156d ago
To the best performer of all time.
Sibs  +   2156d ago
:( 2 famous deaths both on my birthday... 'tis a shame.

The real King of Pop died years ago, his body died today though.
y0haN  +   2156d ago
I am so sick of hearing MJ news, I came on N4G to avoid it -.-

RIP NTL though, he was awesome.
jwatt  +   2156d ago
R.I.P MJ, love your music.
Boody-Bandit  +   2156d ago
Well you finally have peace MJ!
You'll truly be missed by music fans around the world.
ultimolu  +   2156d ago
I see that a lot of immature people are disagreeing for very stupid reasons.

People need to grow up. It doesn't matter what he did in his life that was wrong. What matters is his legacy.

Have some respect, my God.
mrspook21  +   2156d ago
Ed McMahon
Boody-Bandit  +   2156d ago
Thanks for bringing us this story.
All the BULLSH!T that gets approved here and this fails?
Mini Mario  +   2155d ago
Long live the king
Lucreto  +   2156d ago
RIP Michael Jackson The King of Pop :'(

This should be approved just for Michael Jackson.

Holds a candle lit vigil in his honor.

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Rock Bottom  +   2156d ago
I don't see why this shouldn't be approved in the first place, he had a game about him announced just days ago, and his death would definitely affect the game, wither it does so in a good or a bad way, this article IS video games related. :)
PirateThom  +   2156d ago
What about the MJ PS3, PS2 and Wii game?
SactoGamer  +   2156d ago
For those who thing this isn't gamer news, he's got a new game coming out ( http://www.n4g.com/News-349... Besides, it's Michael Friggin' Jackson.
INehalemEXI  +   2156d ago
Moonwalker Returns ? http://www.youtube.com/watc...
GCNSeanFoster  +   2156d ago
He also had the Arcade and Sega Genesis game... Just crazy... kinda shocked he died... Its like the 80's died today with him, Farrah and Ed McMahon...
FamilyGuy  +   2156d ago
So Ed Mcman was the third. That's kinda freaky but at least the other two were old, 50, that's my parents age...
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2156d ago
There was a Charlies Angels video game as well but you don't see news about Farrah Fawcett. This is NOT gaming news no matter how you want to spin it and this site is a joke when it comes to reporting stories that shouldn't be approved. You are just whoring this out for hits to your NEWS site and you are just a footnote as the "gaming guys".

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scruffy_bear  +   2156d ago
RIP Michael Jackson your music will live on
ElementX  +   2156d ago
Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson in the same day? Wow
ape007  +   2156d ago
crazy day man,I just woke up on this
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Panthers  +   2156d ago
They say it always comes in threes. First Ed Mcmahon, then Farrah and Michael.
ultimolu  +   2156d ago
Yeah, really unexpected.
Greywulf  +   2156d ago
that sucks.
badboy808  +   2156d ago
Gone but not forgotten
THe greattest of all time

RIP micheal jackson
LONEWOLF231  +   2156d ago
I agree. Rest in Peace Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson.
Playa7970  +   2156d ago
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InfectedDK  +   2156d ago
His music will be forever
-x.Red.x-  +   2156d ago

who expected this today... :C

Winter47th  +   2156d ago
He'll live through his music.

But the man has been murdered by the media, all those attacks, accusing him of abusing children god dammit, no wonder his heart couldn't take it anymore.

Not so funny now huh, pricks.
OperationFlashpoint2  +   2156d ago
RIP Michael Jackson
King of Pop, his memory will live on
Alcohog  +   2156d ago
Sooo crazy. I had trading cards of MJ when I was little of him in the red thriller jacket. Nobody called him wacko jacko back then :(
jay2  +   2156d ago
I was going to see MJ at o2 on 15/7/09 paid £100 for me and my dad.......
R.I.P M.J.
blind-reaper  +   2156d ago
THAT SUCKS!!! I would be so angry So close
Mindboggle  +   2156d ago
Jeez thats Bad, just bad, really really bad....
hakis86  +   2156d ago
So tragic
such a great artist and inspiration. Rest in Peace, your fans are with you always.
And I have tickets too! So sad I never got to see him live :(
badkolo  +   2156d ago
R.I.P michael you will be missed, fan for life
Half-Mafia  +   2156d ago
RIP THE KING, im so bloody sad its unreal.

Nateh8sYou  +   2156d ago
I loved him when I was a child...I'm still waiting for him to get up and do the Thriller dance

roll your eyes all you want but he could dance better than 99% of most people alive NOW
DeforMAKulizer  +   2156d ago
Thriller, Dirty Diana, Heal the World, Beat it, Billie Jean, Black or White, Bad, Speed Demon, Liberian Girl.... Great hits...
True shocker... Listening to his songs as we speak...
May he live through them...
Unfortunately, LA coroner has confirmed...
RIP Farah Fawcett... She was supposed to get married soon... Its a shame...
geda  +   2156d ago
RIP... Incredible musician. I think I might buy the Thriller album again just to pay respect

btw, I know someone will say something rude, but it's alright because they're the 12-year-old types who say things they don't mean and jerk off to the reactions
cellmember  +   2156d ago
Doesn't need to be gaming related -
- This is Michael Jackson a true legend. I was brought up with his music . rest in peace Michael .
rupi  +   2156d ago
andrewf91  +   2156d ago
you just lost some bubbles
gumgum99  +   2156d ago
reported for being offensive.

totally low, man.
Kevin McCallister  +   2156d ago
Mike was a true friend and legend.
Greywulf  +   2156d ago
but didnt he...
ahh nevermind.
Kurisu  +   2156d ago
@Pirate Thom
"What about the MJ PS3, PS2 and Wii game?"

Have some respect! Who cares about the games at this point? Michael Jackson was one of the greatest singers of all time, who's music never gets old. He and his music will be remembred for generations to come, and that in itself warrants news.

Rest In Peace, Michael.
#23 (Edited 2156d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
PirateThom  +   2156d ago
Be that as it may, this has nothing to do with gaming on a gaming news website.

Nothing to do with respect, I'm talking about it on other sites, not a gaming news site.
Greywulf  +   2156d ago
Pirate, stop pretending N4G is the BBC of the news world.
This site is a joke in the game community, I love it.. but lets not pretend its some serious mega game-news hub.
silvacrest  +   2156d ago
@ Greywulf
what are you talking about?
gaming maybe bigger then movies now but its not like we or any other gaming sites are in the same league as CNN, bbc
Janitor  +   2156d ago
One Less
child molester to worry about.
#24 (Edited 2156d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(30) | Report | Reply
geda  +   2156d ago
Wow! You are so edgy!

If sitting your useless ass in a computer chair and spewing crap about people on the internet is what makes you feel important, I guess it's for the best.
badbond1  +   2156d ago
One more...
idiot we have to continue to worry about!
Dpa  +   2156d ago
F**k you Godvomit you disrespectful c**t.
user858621  +   2156d ago
@GodVomit the world just had 2 worry bout ur mama now
Apocalypse Shadow  +   2156d ago
still can't believe it.
just shocking man...i grew up on the guy's music.

just d@mn man....
iamruthless24  +   2156d ago
One of the greatest !!!!!!
Michael Jackson was one of the greatest musical artist to have ever lived. you will be missed my friend ..thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing ur gift with us all we love you. one of the saddest days this year
SacT0wnF1n3st  +   2156d ago
Well..that was shocking.
SactoGamer  +   2156d ago
Sad to say, but I really don't think the world will be quite the same without him. Especially Japan. He was big in Japan.
kewlkat007  +   2156d ago
I always wanted to dance like him....
I'm a 80's baby and I remember buying the "Thriller" album and listening to "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin", "Beat It", "Billie Jean"........man that brings back memories...

So sad.....

You have to understand...The Micheal Jackson some of you born mid-late 90's is not the Micheal Jackson I grew up with and idolizing. IF your a child of the 80's and actually listened to music...you would know

You just don't know how this Video made me feel..

I'm quite sad..
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jack who  +   2156d ago
ill smoke one for you. RIP
II Necroplasm II  +   2155d ago
Comment Reported.
For drug abuse.
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