New PSN Game: Nucleus

1up preview a downloadable shooter for PS3 that's all about blood cells.

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NewfZ4259d ago (Edited 4259d ago )

It looks cool, always great seeing new and innovative games coming to consoles.

makingdamage4258d ago

I do not own a ps3 yet but I just love that Sony tries to put out new psn games instead of putting out old ones like ms and nintendo. I´ve played a few games on virtuel console and they are simply not fun anymore even do they were great games when first released.
This seems to be another funny little game on psn which could be worth the money. Calling all cars also looks pretty funny.

Sevir044258d ago

pretty interesting looking if you ask me... and i think that as the psn begins to show the success with it's titles with Tekken being the biggest one. more companies will be bring both new and old games to them... MK2 was just released a few days ago.. and now capcom is releasing some old gems on the PSN... not bad if you ask me.... i could see some other companies like square and konami doing the same... man this is cool... sony's Network is rapidly improving and by the time home is released... they'll probably do something to merge the 2 and mak e it so the PSN and PS Home are interlocked and self Complimenting to better flesh out and expand the ps3 online experience thusly taking there approach to online in a different direction than MS and Nintendo which is always a plus... being different aint always bad. next up is calling all cars and ninja gaiden Sigma Demo this month... looks pretty big for me cant wait.