Too Human: exclusive footage

This weeks episode of IGN weekly features the much talked about Xbox 360 game, Too Human from developers Silicon Knights. With an unfavourable showing at the last E3 (due to a buggy demo code), does Too Human finally live up to all the hype?

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m234113d ago

This game looks amazing and looks crazy fun. I am getting more and more excited for Too Human. This game will be one of the best. Hopefully all 3 games will be on 360 rather than on the next console.

marionz4113d ago

hard to believe this game was meant to come out on the PS1, its starting to look good though
give it a bit more polish and it might turn out to be a great game

BadTaste4113d ago

4 player co-op will be sick.

eques judicii4113d ago

they have come so far in a year... the graphics are simply outstanding and in my mind out do gears of war!

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The story is too old to be commented.