Totally GN review Prototype

Prototype is a mixed bag. At first glance you could compare it to an open world title similar to Crackdown. As far as story goes, Crackdown didn't have a particularly strong story and neither does Prototype. It's told to you via cinematics and "Web of Intrigue" flashbacks...

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Cajun Chicken3257d ago

Someone's comparing it to the right game at last.

darkgunner3257d ago

When I played it I kept getting a crackdown feel from it.

Cajun Chicken3257d ago

Its certainly doing the job until Crackdown 2 comes out.

Jazz41083257d ago

This game was much better then a 6 out of 10, I had a real blast playing it.

CBaoth3257d ago (Edited 3257d ago )

All the comparison articles to inFamous were only beneficial to multi & PS3 owners. To 360 only fans, the redundancy leads to resentment. And PS3 only owners suffered through it 2 years ago when Uncharted released to dozens of Gears comparison articles. Makes no sense if one install base has no way to compare both games.

I completely agree as well with the score for Prototype. The replay factor is zero. Ironically, a friend & I are going through Crackdown right now. Far better game and for only $13, rent Protoype and enjoy both games for less than $20.

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