VideoGamer: Tiger Woods 10 Review

After some fairly abysmal Tiger Woods games on the Wii it's quite incredible that EA has managed to turn it around completely. This isn't just the best Wii golf game VideoGamer has played, but the best golf game they have played on any system. The MotionPlus controls work brilliantly, giving you a sense of realism that is completely unmatched in other games, no matter the console. If you want a fun, accessible golf game that lets you pretend to be a real pro then look no further. Tiger Woods 10 on Wii sets a new benchmark for others to follow.

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PS360WII3313d ago

Yes for sure. This is a premier example of how rocking they beefed up the controls on Tiger Wood for the Wii. It is a fun game and well polished up for control. I still need to check out frisbee golf but I'm sure that's just as fun

jakethesnake3313d ago

Couldn't agree more. This is exactly what motion controls should be. Best game I have played on the wii yet (and I'm not that big of a fan of golf!).