Indie Games: Elevating the Underdogs

Jason Evangelho writes:

"The word "Independent" conjures an ever-widening spectrum of emotion across all forms of creative media, and video games are no exception.

Indie games can basically be defined as titles that are created without the financial support of a video game publisher. A technical definition is one thing, but social definitions tend to get complicated. For example, Insomniac Games - best known for Resistance and Ratchet & Clank - consider themselves an independent studio, but others would balk at that conclusion and point towards smaller operations like The Behemoth or, well, Jonathan Blow.

Simply put, it's a popular - if not accurate - belief that if you're quietly crafting the next World of Goo in your living room, funded by garage sales and family donations, you're indie. Or perhaps punk rock, but I digress...Just for the purpose of this discussion, let's embrace that view and run with it."

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wondroushippo3310d ago

I think that if indie gaming is going to succeed as a realistic option, it's going to take the 1st parties to make it prominent (how deep in the menus do you have to go to find the 360's community games?) and a realistic option (how great would DSiWare be if it was as open as the App Store was?) for developers and gamers.

killyourfm3310d ago

Now opening up the DSi store to 3rd parties would definitely open the floodgates. Given Nintendo's track record, I highly doubt it, but I can certainly stay hopeful.

CrAppleton3310d ago

I agree.. 1st parties are going to have to help the little guy out. In all reality.. if the indie developers succeed, it's only better for the console they're making games for right?

Neco5123310d ago

First parties should most definitely support indie. If they want to continue to see a growth of development for their consoles

DaRockSays3310d ago

I tink xbox is doing a goo job of supporting teh community games

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Neco5123310d ago

It's true Insomniac games is an independent studio, who, not too long ago would have been considered a nobody, and look at the great things they have done.

Indie developers just need a chance to get their product out there~!

CrAppleton3310d ago

Insomniac is a GREAT example! I like Behemoth myself.. just look at Castle Crashers!

DaRockSays3310d ago

castle crashers was coo i wana see mo from behemouth

CrAppleton3310d ago

Some of the community games on xbox live totally suck though.. Then again.. there are others that totally kick ass like Bricks 4ever

DaRockSays3310d ago

havnt played that yet ill check it out

CrAppleton3310d ago

Excellent piece Jason! Thanks for shinning some light on the subject. I think more people need to look into indie and see how it could help them. Quite frankly there are a lot of people with great ideas that have little to no funding. And these guys who pull this money together via "garage sales" and "family donations" are the ones that are really putting their heart and soul into the game. So I think it's time EVERYONE started looking at indie devs. Then maybe the first parties will take notice

roblef3310d ago

Great article! The indies in music and film are the ones the big guys all look to to find the new and creative. If only game studios and console makers were the same. Of course, we also need to look at game buyers. The biggest games are the ones from the big developers on all platforms. We buy what we like, time and again. New frightens most of us. How else would there be so many Maddens?