PlayTM: Shadow Complex Preview

While the Metroid series has been taken into 3D on the GameCube, Wii and DS to critical acclaim, there has always been a strong lobby for another proper 2D version. With Nintendo unwilling or unable to deliver the platforming goods here, in steps Chair Entertainment and the Unreal Engine 3.

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Cajun Chicken3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

I'll admit, this game has me very excited.

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LightofDarkness3342d ago

Huge Metroidvania fan here. Me rikey.

Major_Tom3342d ago

Very very hard to beat Castlevania:SoTN.

El Botto3342d ago

Any proper system with enough games, wouldnt have to rely on 3 hour arcady games.

And rofl "A couple on a camping trip finds an underground complex with soldiers. The male finds out the soldiers kidnapped his girlfriend"

C movie script - confirmed

Major_Tom3342d ago

Yeah the story is bad but what can you expect, it's the same thing with Gears, if you proverbially duct tape the story then the game is great, and this one looks really fun.