'Worms 2' Launching Next Week on XBLA

Announced on Team 17's Facebook page, "Worms 2" is finding its way to Xbox Live Arcade next week for a paltry price of 10 bucks.

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TrevorPhillips3338d ago

nice will be getting this for sure :)

NewZealander3338d ago

hell yeah about time!

now all i need is dates for bubble bobble and streets of rage 3, oh and an announcement about peggle nights would be nice too.

Finch3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

I know im one of a small few, but i may end up skipping this. As much as i love Worms. Its the 3D Worms i love the most. I hope they make at least one more 3D Worms becuase this 2D Worms just dont cut it for me anymore!

Yes i know this should be fun none the less, but i want a real 3D worms to come along. Heck i still play Worms Mayhem still to this day. The last Worms to come out i made it a week before i gave it up. I just out grow it i guess. Not putting the 2D version down. I just out grow it and love the 3D version better i guess.

NewZealander3338d ago

worms 3 mayhem was awesome, i dint like forts tho, but mayhem had me up untill the small hours night after night, great game and yes i would love to see another 3D worms game.

Cajun Chicken3338d ago

I'd like to see another Hogs of War, I couldn't believe how bad Worms 3D was even though it came out a gen later. Shocking, even with the later Worms 3D games, they still haven't touched upon Hogs of War.
I'm glad Worms is going back to 2D, just didn't work in 3D last time. Team 17 are smart to backtrack.