10 Reasons Why PC Gaming Is Alive and Well

A Look at why PC gaming is alive and well.

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clixx333338d ago

It's the PC, that's why. Gaming on it will never die off...unless this happens: O_O

masterg3337d ago

PC gaming is dying. All those ten points are triumphed by one. Piracy.
The only category that is alive and well is the ones where you have to pay subscription.

dreamtheater873337d ago

Well point number 8 certainly isn't affected by piracy. Here's what I think - consoles are becoming increasingly like pc's. One day they'll be more open source, and they'll have integrated operating systems similar to windows. You'll be able to download games direct to drive like the pc and mod games like on the pc. So my point is, one day I'll bet piracy will be a big issue for consoles as well. So stop saying "oh pc gaming is dead because of piracy" because if you think piracy can kill it then one day your precious consoles will be dead too.

Major_Tom3337d ago

Some people see Piracy as bad. Others not.

free2game3653337d ago

Oh don't give me that piracy argument. You know for every copy of Gears of War Pirated on the PC there were 10 bootleg Xbox 360 copies being sold on a street somewhere.

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GamerPS3603337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

'coz I just built two. One for me and another for my brother :D.

Horny Melon3337d ago

PC gaming is where it is at. The four biggest attractions about the console was no installing, no patching, no compatibility and cheap. Patching and installing has become par for the course on consoles. At the launch of the current generation consoles their priced approaches that of a mid range gaming PC. Of all the reasons to be a console gamer only a lack of compatibility hassles are still a draw. But even that is only a half truth. TV and cord compatibility aside the new consoles are, for the most part, incompatible with older games. Leaving you the only choice to rebuy them.

I don't care how many expansion for Fallout 3 have been released it is nothing compared to the ton of free mods.

Pistolero3337d ago

I agree, PC gaming is looking more and more appealing. I haven't used a PC for gaming in a while, but I am planning on going back to it.

GamerPS3603337d ago

you forgot to add, better community.
"No fanboy Wars".

I can actually surf net for opinion about PC games instead of hit by bunch of immature comments.

bednet3337d ago

As for PC gaming being expensive, most people have PCs at home that they change every 4-5 years, right...just add the price of a console + controllers, etc to the price of a regular PC and build yourself a mid range gaming rig.

GPUs are cheaper now days, thanks to healthy competition, and if you don't want the latest and greatest you can manage to build a decent gaming rig for around 700-800$ with some shopping around.

SaiyanFury3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

PC gaming really is the most open-ended gaming experience available. You're free to choose your own hardware, and the better your hardware, the better games run. If you have a modern, up to date PC, games actually run better at higher resolutions than on the consoles. Piracy may be a problem, but that's just one aspect of the medium. The average PC owner updates their computer every 5 or so years and that's usually good enough to play a lot of current games. As well as that, upgrade costs are constantly coming down. 500 dollar-range GPUs can how be had for around 200-250 dollars, which is pretty darned good considering how powerful video cards are getting.

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sakuragi3337d ago

What is up with all these random "PC in not dead" articles written by these PC fanboys? Really, no one is saying PC gaming is dead and no one really cares.

If anything, these articles only prove that they lack confidence in the item they are worshiping and is a sign of desperation for attention which they are apparently lacking off since they feel the need to constantly remind people of their existence.

Information Minister3337d ago

I can't say I agree with #3 on that list at all. It's not just a new video card every couple of years, it's also a new CPU + MOBO + RAM every 4-5 years. That hardly beats a new console every 5-6 years, doesn't it?

zagibu3337d ago

Surely not, but most people also use their computers for other things besides gaming. A PC + console is more expensive than a PC + a good graphics card.

TABSF3337d ago

sorry guys but PC is cheap very cheap

Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 £121
Nvidia GeForce 9600GT £71
ASROCK 4Core1600-GLAN P31 £44
4GB DDR2 PC2 6400 £32

this is all you need if you already have HDD, optical drive, Power supply and case,

the CPU and the GPU will used less than 200watt, each HDD 5-15watt same with optical drive
A good 400watt or anything below 550watt

or this complete package only excluding monitor for less than £500

all you need is a dvi to hdmi to put in ur hdtv easy

Information Minister3337d ago

Those are valid points indeed, but I'm talking strictly from the gamer's perspective. Let me exemplify: I bought a new PC (a pretty good one) back in 2001, but I had to upgrade it in 2003 when NFS Underground was released.

Yes the PC is loaded with cutting edge technology when compared to consoles, as is stated in the article. But frequently upgrading your PC in order to keep up with that technology is not more cost-effective than spending $300-400 on a new console every 5 years, contrarily to what is suggested in that particular point of the article.

That's the only part of the article I'm disputing - cost effectiveness. After all, I'm PC gamer too.

evrfighter3337d ago

cost effectiveness is determined by how high you want your graphics settings.

I have steam friends that play cs source and cod4 on low/med on ancient (goin by my standards) pc's built around 2004. A lot of steam gamers if you've ever read the steam hardware survey have older pc's.

Being on the cutting edge of technology is stupidly expensive and reserved only for the wealthy. it is not required to be a pc gamer.

zagibu3337d ago

Well, I can only guess why you had to upgrade your PC for NFS...shader model 2.0? This indeed was a hurdle for some people, but I know quite some guys that still play on the first card they bought that supported SM 2.0.
You can be as cost-effective as a console, but not if you always want to play at high settings. Console games look incredible, when the console gen is still young, but VERY dated at the end of their lifespan. You can do the same with a PC, but you also have the option of advancing at a faster pace.
Personally, I buy a completely new rig every two years. This cycle is the first one that I have broken this rule since a long time. Computer graphics have somehow reached a plateau, if you ask me, and there are only few games that require a top card to play at decent speeds and resolutions.

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