Romero Apologizes For Trashing Zenimax Acquisition Of id Software

Former id Software designer John Romero (of Doom fame and Daikatana infamy) had some harsh words for ZeniMax Media earlier today when news broke that they had acquired his old company. A few hours and dozens of news stories later, he's softened his position.

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kevco333343d ago

I'm sorry, but since when does John Romero's opinion count for anything these days? You're a '90s star mate. We don't listen to Hanson any more, we don't buy your games any more. Maybe if Daikatana had been reasonable after the six years of waiting... and the "PC exlcusive" hadn't launched on N64 FIRST...

EvilCackle3343d ago

I think his opinion is of interest because he was a founding member of id software. If this were ZeniMax buying some other company though, no one would care what his opinion is.

Sanzee3343d ago

Look at big man John Romero... him and his big folded arms and his long, intimidating hair. What a trooper. He's a true badass. He probably kicks it with midgits.

John Romero... bad-fuggin-ass!