Gametrailers: The Conduit Review

Gametrailers: "Does The Conduit have what it takes to compete with the best games on the Wii?"

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Jadaking3343d ago

i just finished playin a bit of the conduit and it was pretty fun. The online was great and the single player wasn't too bad neither. It's definitely a 8 kind of game to me.

TheBand1t3343d ago

7-8 isn't bad for HVS's first try.

DelbertGrady3343d ago

I thought we agreed that anything below 9 is a flop?

TheBand1t3343d ago

That was 360 and PS3 rules. Wii does not apply. :)

bjornbear3343d ago

But to me, any game under 9.1 should be boycotted x3 /s

Nah seriously, to me any game 7 and above is worth looking into, 8 and above is worth purchasing without too much pondering (except for genere, style, etc)

6 and below =/ rental if interesting....

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blitz06233343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

lets face it. these types of games just arent for the wii. still, it's a good score considering it's the first of its own. it would be nice to see a similar game score well on the wii

ZOMBIEMAN13343d ago

puts popcorn in microwave getting a coke sit back and count the time it takes for the cry babies to cry baised

ChickeyCantor3343d ago

If you are referring to the GamePro review...
No sorry, GamePro was just a pile of BS, no one was mad at the rating.

--Onilink--3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

actually its quite the opposite, you can get the best FPS controls of any console on the wii, a more innovative story and something new on the gameplay department so its not just run and gun, has nothing to do with whatever console its being developed for, that just up to the developers creativity when it comes to storytelling, which in this case it wasnt that good, but for pure gameplay fun, its an amazing game, just not the full package some people were expecting(i never expected much of that part in the conduit)

Just look at Prime 3, great story, great art design, not really a full FPS, something diferent than what you can see on other consoles, and that has nothing to do with the fact that it was done on the wii..

ChickeyCantor3343d ago

Thank you for your comment,
Comments like that from blitz are getting tiresome.

TheBand1t3343d ago

I disagree with best FPS controls on a console. I've been trying out a Frag FX for the PS3 and I must say it's a bit better than the Wiimote, at least in my opinion.

Syronicus3343d ago

Some might think so but for me and the majority of FPS players, the Wii is not the ideal platform for the genre and no, it's not just for the graphics. The controls are just to wanky for the genre and though possible.. They are not even close to being great.

N4g_null3343d ago

Syronicus have you played the game ? Now if yes have you set up a control tweak yet? Ok now have you went online and watched other peoples control set up beat you to the ground because you suck at setting up your own controls?

You see what I did there? If you want the best controls then just like the PC you will need to tweak them just like the PC. None of this canned set up crap.

I don't know if you guys have noticed but it took the Wii for the HD guys to even think about this for hardcore gamers. That really shows where the HD console guys heart is. Then on top of that they are doing this most because they want the casual gaming market. I sort of have to ask who forgot about who are better yet did the HD guys just creat another segment of hardcore gamers that where actually PC gamers? If so that is not hard to do since technology and piracy and just PC snobbery in general made that market hostile to what we had on console before the PS2.

We've been wanting this show down for a while. PC developers going up against PC developers. Yet we don't like what market it has produced.

The disconnect of the HD guys from the rest of gaming is cancerous to the point they control what is made more than the developer. 20-100 million budgets have developers by the balls making them unwilling to try new things.

I don't blame gamers though this would not have happened if these console where affordable then all games could flourish. HD gamers do not realize that are actually pushing real hardcore gamers away with their attitudes. We are not whimps but we know a real hardcore gamer when we see or read their response. Owning stuff doesn't always make you hardcore. Otaku maybe but not hardcore.

Syronicus3343d ago

Nope, and all others sucked so what's your point? There is some magical gnome that reaches out of the console when you insert this game and makes your controller all better? No, it's the Wii-mote no matter what color you paint it and it sucks for FPS's no matter the game. You can criticize me personally and lay on your insults but in the end, the Wii-mote is still no good for FPS's, it's just that simple. No number of insults you lay on an individual you know nothing about over the internet is going to fix the Wii-mote in terms of FPS's... Sorry.

N4g_null3343d ago

Please realize you are not talking to a fan boy. I get nothing from making you out to be the fool you claim to be with your own opinions. In fact I only here because I'm at work waiting on renders and light maps yes I still call them that LOL.

No one is talk about gnome or what ever are you off your meds or something... Is that all you got is spouting misdirected analogies that only make sense in your mind? We have sales and we have a game we wanted, guess what you can claim what ever you want now. I'm good.... nintendo did their job , HVS did their job and more people are about to do their job and kick this gen in the but and get it started. Hey the recession sucks but hey so does greed... think about that will you.

OK Syronicus first we are suppose to take the opinion of some one who has not even played the game or experienced it as fact? Then for the better judgment of me I am suppose to ignore my first hand account with this game along with others. On top of that I need to ignore what we have seen with our own R&D team when you take set ups like this to the next level with motion plus.

Hey you win. The wii mote sucks for you. I'm sure mouse and keyboard sucks for some people also. Analogs are great for spamming IMO. Most weapons in the conduit reward aiming though. Also this game requires skill you will not just pick it up and crush every one. The same thing goes for other real FPSs. I'm betting I can get on some ones halo account right now and be one of the best on the map easy and I havn't played in like 3 years LOL.

I don't think I insulted you but maybe it's you blind rage for some thing you have not played? Seriously why are you even here? Most of us have the game and we like it? What are you trying to accomplish? It doesn't seem to be working because you are talking to people who already have the game, get it? People agreeing with you might not even have the system in most cases because I'm sure if I had an xbox and 360 I would have to try out many of it's games to form my own opinion.

We are no different than the millions that got Wii fit we knew we wanted this game and a bunch of opinion from guys like you are not going to change that? We are not concerned about review scores we listen to real players. That is what the hardcore do. Only people new to gaming listen to review scores with out forming an opinion own our own. Are we in competition with HD games nope because we clearly do not care about them. Well I care more about HD pc games, you know real HD games where your engine can use up a gigs of texture ram.

Hey but yeah you win the Wii mote suck for you we get it, sorry about that. So whats next you started gaining weight after wii fit?

I'm really sorry you had such a bad time with the wii mote but it does require coordination you know.

--Onilink--3342d ago

well syronicus, im not sure how you can claim that controller sucks for FPS if you have actually played this game, of Medal of Honor Heroes 2 or Metroid Prime 3. my guess is that you havent, because the only one stopping anyone from having the perfect control scheme, is that person by itself, because there is nothing you cant customize to get it perfet...I have a PS3, have played many shooters, and i have a gaming PC, and i have no doubt or problem saying that mouse and keyboard are the best of the 3, followed by wii remote and then dual analogs...

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