GameSpot: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Review

GameSpot writes: "Though it isn't immediately accessible, Revenge of the Fallen has a good amount of fun and satisfying gameplay. The initial awkwardness of the controls is a bit vexing, and some issues linger no matter how good you get. The single-player missions and multiplayer game modes aren't very diverse, but the various bonus challenges and strategic nuances add some welcome depth. What Revenge of the Fallen does best is make it fun to be a Transformer by giving you a powerful set of abilities and open maps where you can put them to use. It's enjoyable and engaging, and it's probably the best Transformers product you'll see this summer".

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jack_burt0n3314d ago

wow nice review, luxoflux will always have my respect vigilante 8 ftw even if they do make shrek games >_<

-MD-3314d ago

This game sounds like it's pretty decent.