IGN: Library Rewind: Xbox 360 Multiplayer Games

IGN writes: "We've plucked ten games out of the Xbox 360 library that offer much different kinds of multiplayer gaming than what you may be used to. Hardcore gamers have probably already checked out everything here, but for the population of Xbox 360 owners who don't necessarily follow the day-to-day happenings of the videogame industry or just recently picked up a console, this list should be helpful. Included are titles both obscure and popular across as broad a range of genres as possible. We loaded up each game to see if people were in fact still playing online, where applicable. We've also included links out to sites where, if you find a particular title sounds appealing, you can pick up a copy for a reasonable price. Or you could just check the bargain bin at a local brick and mortar retailer".

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