Time + New Developer = Change?

This week, Christos explores Max Payne 3's worrying amount of differences to its predecessors, and asks the all important question: does everything need to "evolve" when the parents of the franchise are no longer around?

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mr durand pierre3378d ago

Some of the ugliest character designs ever, imo.

bjornbear3378d ago

Creating the characters flaw's right from the visual look is a powerful way to convey the message that you are playing some sort of anti-hero.

Remember, he isn't the happiest, and nicest guy in the world:

He's a drug addict,

His wife and baby girl were murdered indirectly because of him, as well as his "new found love"

He's killed hundreds of people, and

He is constantly tormented by nightmares from the Valkyria drug....and above all - time has passed, and time is what allows life's happenings to change people...

I'd say if he didn't look like "sh!t" then it indeed would be bad character design, because they wouldn't be taking any of these factors into consideration and how it affects a person.

I say New (old?) Max Payne FTW!

badz1493378d ago

sam that you?

mistajeff3378d ago

"Noir IS dark, moody lighting, shadows and saxophones. I'm sorry Barrera, but both seventy-plus years of cinema and myself are strongly disagreeing with your suspiciously "new and improved" definition of the visual style that made Max Payne such a refreshing experience."

freals, yo.

mistajeff3378d ago (Edited 3378d ago )

Seriously?? People disagree that lighting is an integral part of noir?? You know 'film noir' literally translates to 'black film' in French. Even the more modern neo-noir films integrate color into the lighting style. Look at LA Confidential or even Blade Runner.. Blade Runner managed to pull of noir in a neon-dominated sci-fi L.A. yet Scott was still smart enough to integrate the bright and diverse colors into the style of noir cinematography. All of this can be fixed with a fancy post-processing filter, because I'm sure the narrative is still set up in noir-style. Yes, you can shoot a comedy with dark, moody lighting and saxophones. At the same time, if you take the common themes in noir films, "bleak outlook on life," sexual motivation, moral ambiguity, etc.. I've seen comedies that have those very same themes. The visual style is pretty much essential.

CaptainKratos3378d ago

i dont know about his baldness

akaFullMetal3378d ago

why change max so much, also why bald and fat?

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