IGN: Castle of Magic Review

IGN writes: "Castle of Magic is a great game betrayed by iffy controls -- you are constantly kept at arm's length. The virtual pads in Gameloft's Hero of Sparta and Assassin's Creed worked great, so it is a mystery why the d-pad in Castle of Magic just isn't up for it. Too often you struggle with moving and jumping and it results in frustrating death. I certainly stuck with it, though, in hopes that practice would make perfect and I wanted to see what delights appeared on my screen next, such as the colorful candy stage or the loss of gravity that turned things upside-down. I really hope for an update that addresses the controls -- barring that, and external controller because for once on the iPhone, I really wanted a physical d-pad. Give the lite version a download and see if you can get around the controls in Castle of Magic, because if you have the patience, there is a hell of a game waiting for you".

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