Top 5: Franchises To Be Made Into MMORPGs

Koku Gamer writes: "MMORPGs entered the mainstream with the popularization of World of Warcraft, and for the first time western game publishers saw the opportunity to make money in a market once deemed too small. Sadly, these same publishers didn't take into account that it was Blizzard who had made the game, and that its success wasn't due to its subject matter (run-of-the-mill fantasy) but instead because of Blizzard's outstanding work as a developer. The following years for MMOs have proven to be depressing ones, with one fantasy-inspired game coming out after another, and each paling in comparison to WoW. Those that survived often came from a pre-existing source (Lord of the Rings Online, Warhammer Online) or had a prequel which garnered enough support for another game (Lineage 2, Everquest 2). The question remains though, what current video game franchises are popular and unique enough to be made in MMOs?"

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Wonderfulwest3343d ago

Pokemon plz plz plz dont do it to me lol

qface643343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

@above technically speaking we don't get enough pokemon its usually always a spinoff

mario kart?
but no zelda the way things are now zelda would be a great mmo

when you stop to think about it allot of nintendos franchises would be good mmo's

Elven63343d ago

Pokemon would actually be pretty popular, I'd like to see it.

PinkUni3343d ago

yeah i think pokemon would probably be one of the most perfect franchise to be made into a mmorpg

all of the elements are in there already, its just a matter of making a network and figuring out how to distribute the players

you wouldn't even have to figure out most of the player regulation and exploit stuff because there wouldn't be any since the way the game is setup, its super clean gameplay wise.

but they would definitely have to make it a much bigger map

Hububla3342d ago

AM I SERIOUSLY THE ONLY ONE that cant believe there isnt a DBZ MMO yet!? I mean correct me if im wrong but i feel its the perfect setting for a mmo and the combat could be awsome if done right

Myst3342d ago

There is an MMO for that, granted it's called Dragon ball Online though.

GameGambits3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

I haven't played Pokemon since the original GBA games Red and Blue. My memories of that game are amazing, so a MMO enspired Poke'mon game would be amazing if done well. Customize your trainer self with tons of spiffy duds, go into the wild to catch new pokemon, breed them, take on gym trainers, take on other friends in gyms in tournaments, and maybe even own your Gym with friends AKA a guild of sorts. Whoever is the leader can get challenged at any time, if the leader loses say, 5 new opponents in a row, then he loses the gym to the next person in the Gym rankings to become the new leader.

Seriously, I'm 21 years old and 90% of Anime enspired things turn me off, but I'd be a fool to think a Poke'mon MMORPG done right wouldn't be awesome to at the least try out. :)

On my own note as a personal favorite for a MMORPG---Suikoden RPG series from PS1 and PS2. I've spent so much time thinking about the ideas of how the MMO for Suikoden could work that I really should pitch the idea to Konami to make some millions. :D

EDIT: Also a Persona MMORPG. Yes there is a Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine Online(which I've played), but it's only in Japanese and not "amazing" by any means. A true Persona MMORPG along the likes of Persona 4 would be awesome! Manage your real life, manage your butt kicking life, and if they included a real story like Final Fantasy XI online did, then color me sold!

Buttons3342d ago

I remember reading an article about The Magic of Xanth series becoming an MMO, which sounded really cool. I've never read the books, but it seems like it could work.

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WengYong3343d ago

Pokemon would be an awesome MMO, one that I would definitely pick up. Gundam and Dynasty Warriors would be cool but Im not too interested in the.

Mario Kart no, thats just my opinion

xSuprax3343d ago

What ever happened to that Dragon Ball Online ?

I would also like a Fallout Online game.

Ziriux3343d ago

Fallout Online would be great, from the big wasteland, there would be a lot to do with friends, with all the loot and weapons Bethesda could make an unlimited world of goods.

However Dragon Ball Z, I just don't see it being such a deep MMO experience, I think it would too limited to be a MMO but anything is possible.

Reibooi3343d ago

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks a Pokemon MMO is a good idea. I mean really the whole concept behind the game kinda lends itself to being a MMO in the first place and if done right it could be a hell of a game.

The rest of the list is pretty good to although I dont know about StarCraft. Something tells me if that were to happen it would basically just be WoW with Starcraft characters which would feel pretty cheap and not really fit all that well.

Ziriux3343d ago

Plus on top of that Reibooi, it would take away from Blizzard, putting all it's time and resources into giving even more to the WoW audience, so I think their fine with WoW no need for another MMO like Star Craft, although I'd still purchase it.

ZombieNinjaPanda3343d ago

Since it's already an RPG, and since a lot of people have already tried to make Pokemon MMO's I wouldn't be surprised if it could be easy to do.

Carnage12903343d ago

I have to agree with the pokemon mmo. I'm sure the only reason it hasn't happened is because Nintendo feels the need to play it safe.

ZombieNinjaPanda3343d ago

After Heart Gold and Soul Silver, they should do this

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