Apple iPhone Gets Wii-like Motion Controls

Split-screen: "The bandwagon is officially filled. Apple recently released the version 2.40 update to AppleTV, and in conjunction with the iPhone Remote application, lets you wave your iPhone around like a motion controller. Or like a Wiimote, which ever suits you."

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qface643379d ago

so what's the big deal here?

Nike3379d ago

Meh. Maybe you can play Mass Effect Galaxy or MGS Touch using these new controls? And no, I have no clue how that works or why'd any one would want to. If anything, it signifies the ever approaching end of buttons. If there's any nation of consumers more rabid than the Wii Fit one, it's the iPhone/iPod one. Could herald a change. Or just get ordinary people to hate iPod users more.

Kyur4ThePain3379d ago

Not like using the iPhone / iPod Touch for motion-controlling something is new.

Half-Mafia3378d ago

any1 thinking that apple will release a SDK for Apple TV for games and using the iphone or ipod touch to control them.

i dont no what the specs r in the the apple tv but it could happen.