New Legit Details Emerge Regarding Playstation Cloud

A small paragraph of information on PS 'Cloud' in July 09 issue of PSW magazine - page 73! Sorry about the crappy quality, the article reads:

You've always been able to create and share levels in PSN puzzler Echochrome, but an update will let you do this via 'Cloud'. This system removes the need for Sony to check levels before being uploaded - an early problem for LittleBigPlanet...

Does this mean we can expect to see user-created content via Playstation Cloud in future games?

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chaosatom3379d ago

"You will be able to film yourself solving the game's complex puzzles and then upload your performance to Youtube."

I just wish more developers starting using this features.

ChozenWoan3379d ago

Hopefully this will be an XMB feature so every game and Home can be recorded and uploaded to youtube.

MainEv3nt 693379d ago

hmmm so maybe that leaked list is true

Allelujah003379d ago


Funny thing is why would Sony's Jeff come out and say it's false?

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The story is too old to be commented.