Gameplay Monthly: Red Faction: Guerrilla Review

Gameplay Monthly writes: "The game is fun but has its moments of frustration. The long loading screens and the constant deaths by swarms of bullets from all directions are a little much to bare. But still, being able to take down buildings that actually come down like real ones is fun. As mentioned earlier, other games such as Pain Killer have used destructible environments before but this game focuses on it. The ability to take out enemies by destroying the floors they are standing on or caving in a building around them, or simply leaving them stranded by forcing them up onto a second story building and then destroying the stairs leading down, all these things are fun experiences in the game. If only they had made the game a bit more forgiving it would appeal to more gamers. As it stands, even hardcore gamers will find this game endlessly frustrating but rewarding when you do manage to pull off a nice unscheduled building demolition".

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Raider693373d ago

I already finnish this game!If people install the game on the HDD, loading times will decrease 50% or more!The difficulty is high indeed even on normal!And the last mission that you have to scale the mountain from bottom to the top is really hard!the missions lack on difference between them, but is an enjoyable game if you play him in spaces!