The 10 Things You Absolutely Need To Be a Gaming Snob

GameStooge's Jonathon Howard smacks all of you in the face about how 1337 he is, because he IS a Gaming Snob, and he tells you what it takes to be a snob.

Excerpt: "4. Japanese copies of Games released in English - That's impressive that you own Castlevania 1,2, and 3 complete MIB. Did I tell you I have a copy of Akumajo Dracula, Dorakyura Tsu: Noroi no Fuin, and Akumajo Densetsu? No? Well I do. What's that you have Final Fantasy 3? That's nice, check out my copy of Fainaru Fantaji Shikkusu. Things are just better when you can't understand them, also they have crosses and boobies in the original versions."

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SuicidalTendencies3308d ago

Number 3 rings true with the people on this site. If I have to read one more comment or article about how great Kojima is I think I'll puke.

darthv723307d ago

it is all about owning all the systems...past and present. I have quite the collection.