GameSpot: Battlefield 1943 Updated Hands-On - Running, Gunning, and Dogfighting

GameSpot writes: "We had a great time with Battlefield 1943. The overall package seems like a rock-solid value at $15. The game should be released very shortly, though no official date has been given by EA. Similarly up in the air is the PC version, which is slated to arrive in September but has yet to be given a price. Stay tuned for more on that front".

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Bodster3373d ago

Very good read. I am one of the many fans that loved the BF 1942 game so seeing this game coming out is great!

The maps i already know so hopefully i will not need to learn everything again :P

And the map that is unlocked after 43 million kills sounds very interesting. I am most definatly up for a full on dog-fight on the re-make of what i think to be the best ever WWII game.

zeph943373d ago

Lol I remember coral sea from 1942, that map sucked.