Starcraft 2 Beta icon appears on

Fans anticipating the release of the Starcraft 2 beta have identified that a small change has occured within their profiles. A small icon reading "SC2 Beta" has appeared, and the "Beta Profile Settings" text has changed to bright green.

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chrisjc3342d ago

I absolutely cannot wait. I have it too! Hopefully it's a good sign.

Cheeseknight283342d ago

Yep me too, good luck on getting in!

Enterprise-E3342d ago

Man I sure hope they surprise us with not only a beta coming some time next month but with a release date.

ebel30033342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

Created a second, new account and both my old and this new have the icon, so I doubt it means accounts with the green light are in the beta like many have been suggesting. Beta starting soon though regardless would be awesome.

TheIneffableBob3342d ago

I think we're going to get a surge of information about the beta the start of next week, since that's when the NDA lifts.

Thugbot1873342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

I'm all signed up and waiting. Hopefully I can get in on the beta. Good Luck to everyone. If you get in keep us updated.

ObviousTruth3336d ago

i really doubt we'll see the retail release this year. i hope we do, but if i know blizzard, we're probably looking at Feb 2010 at the earliest.

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Professor Chaos3342d ago

.......really? Wow..... I mean I wanna play it too...but Wow......

TheAntiFanboy3342d ago

@2.0 and 2.2: Desperation manifests itself in the most disturbing ways, does it not...

XxZxX3342d ago

if the beta start this weak, and he has to suck a wang, he just gonna suck a chinese chick that has Wang as surname. Don't get fooled.

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Tarmgar3342d ago

*Pumps fist in the air in excitement*

XxZxX3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

need to upgrade my comp

Odion3342d ago

Prof why are you giddy you and I have media status we are 100% in baby!

Professor Chaos3341d ago

Oh I know we are. I am just hoping it is starting next week like the article suggest. Can not wait to unleash some protoss carriers. :-)

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