Paradox Puts GOO on Games, Protects Them From Piracy

Stardock has just announced that publishing partner Paradox Interactive has adopted Stardock's Game Object Obfuscation (GOO) to protect Paradox PC game titles from piracy. Beginning with the Paradox title Majesty 2 and continuing on with other titles for both retail and electronic software sales, Paradox will wrap the games in GOO.

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gamesR4fun3309d ago

and its not too obtrusive more power to em
but i wouldnt rule out the hackers getting by this just yet..

SactoGamer3308d ago

I just dislike how PC game publishers are putting DRM software bundled in with their games. Didn't they learn when EA did it with Spore and whatnot?

Because of DRM and these activation codes and such, Gamestop won't take trade-ins of PC games anymore. Any other stores doing this as well?