IGN: Rolling Stone: Drum King Wii Review

IGN writes: "Believe it or not, the success of Rock Band and Guitar Hero has been spawning a never-ending amount of clones and copycat games over the years. Can you imagine that? We've seen everything from a full-blown Konami effort with Rock Revolution, the respawn of Samba De Amigo by SEGA, and Battle of the Bands by THQ. Out of all those "me too" efforts though, I can't say I've personally played one worse than 505's Rolling Stone: Drum King for Wii. Guitar Hero inspired look? Sounds good, sure. Crappy cover band? Oh no… that's not a good start. Wii-mote and nunchuk-only controls? We're not sure how you'd really… Wait… Emulated off of Wii Music's drum set mode? Oh screw this… "

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