PS3 Hits New Low In Japanese Hardware Sales

PS3 Hits New Low In Japanese Hardware Sales Following the release of data for the top thirty selling software titles in Japan, market research firm Media Create has also revealed data for hardware sales for the week ending April 8th.

Although software sales were generally down, with few prominent new releases before the all important Golden Week series of holidays at the end of the month, hardware sales have been less affected - despite continued rumors of Nintendo stockpiling consoles.

As usual the best selling console of the week was the Nintendo DS, up from 80,012 units sold last week to a new total of 110,935. The console, which has been supply constrained in Japan ever since the release of the DS Lite model, also passed the 2 million units sold mark this year – with a lifetime total in Japan of over 16 million.

The Wii was up slightly in second place, from 51,365 units sold to 52,583 this week. Nintendo's lead home console also passed an important milestone last week, with over 1 million units sold so far this year, for a lifetime total of over 2 million in Japan.

Despite the rare appearance of two PSP titles in the software top ten, PSP hardware sales fell significantly from 39,077 the previous week to just 31,503 units.

The PlayStation 3 also saw sales fall from 16,889 units to 14,520. This represents the worst ever week for the console since launch, with a year-to-date total of just 368,343 units and a lifetime total in Japan of 825,901 consoles.

Despite the strong performance of PlayStation 2 software titles, hardware sales for the console also fell, from 17,787 units to 14,234. The Xbox 360 saw hardware sales fall from 3,889 units to 2,963, with the console currently on a lifetime total in Japan of 346,678 units.

The Game Boy Advance family of consoles sold 1,357 units, up from 1,206 the previous week, and the GameCube also rallied slightly from 205 units sold to 255 this week.

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Maddens Raiders4267d ago (Edited 4267d ago )

Repent I say for the end is nigh!lol

LOL - the 5,000,000,000 lb. gorilla continues to be the endless topic of debate, consternation and ambivalence. If this much wanted & unwanted attention was paid to cancer (as it is to the ups and downs of a co. called SNE) we would already have the cure.

[email protected]

TheMART4267d ago


Dude. Stop the 12 year old behaviour.
There is no LOL, follow me on this one.

Japan = backyarden Playstation
USA/North America = backyarden XBOX

in USA, latest known monthly sales numbers from February show 240k 360 units sold against 130k PS3 units sold.

In Japan, these sales are alarming. The XBOX has never been doing well there, so that's no surprise. Still about 3k compared to 14k of the PS3 that's still over 20% of the PS3 sales. The PS3 sales compared to the Wii and what Sony wanted to sell in their own country is pathetic.

After the fanboys bought the 600 euro BluRay player in Europe, the number is also falling.

PS3 doing bad in all three area's. Where the 360 is doing great in USA, will be doing fine in Europe and only Japan is a bad region for them.

Conclusion, like I've said even before the launch of PS3 and Wii.

Wii will kick the PS3 in Japan.
Wii is doing fine in the rest of the world, but sales will slow down after the hype of the controller is over and people see there isn't so much great content.

360 will be nr.1 in the rest of the world.

Your just LOL'ing your worst fears away. That the thing will only get BluRay movies to swallow and won't play that much games (read exclusives)

techie4267d ago (Edited 4267d ago )

I haveto say themart. I do like the way in which you split your paragraphs into short easy to read chunks. Unlike some who don't know how to use paragraphs on this site.

Japan isn't stoopid. If there ain't no games, they ain't jumping on. ps. lots of exclusives need to pull that lame card. Oooh it's your bread and butter these types of news isnt it. You not excited about the Too HUman footage on IGN?

highps34267d ago

Bottom line is 360 sold 2k units...

I dont care if the Wii or any other console sells more than the Ps3.

Ninja Gaiden and Lair look fun to me. Halo 3 and ShadowRun not so much.

Xi4267d ago

the 360 will get ninja gaiden 2 highps3, so I guess you are interested in 360 games.

Microsoft never did well in japan, but at least they try, they don't sit there, they get games and bundles, they create japan marketed games like trusty bell and blue dragon. I would like to see how the trusty bell bundle sells, specially with little or no competition, maybe we'll see something unprecedented.

CyberSentinel4266d ago (Edited 4266d ago )

Domestically 360 is #1 in its country of origin. The same CANNOT be said about Sony's [email protected] And that says ALOT about a product.

BTW deepbrownoser do you even have your PS3 yet? How about you DJ? You Lemmings make me laugh, you support a system with your empty words, but DO NOT HAVE THE SINCERITY OF CONVICTION TO SPEND YOUR MONEY ON SOMETHING YOU GUYS SO ASSIDUOUSLY DEFEND!

Words won't save your [email protected] $$$, so keep posting your rhetoric, only sales will.

FYI - I do have a Xbox360, Zune, and Vista.

Foolish And Silly Lemmings, Words Alone Will Not Save The PS3.

gooner4266d ago

there are a million ways to twist facts and make your team look like the best

england has more posession so they are dominating
england has mre possession in there opponents half so they are dominating
england has more shots so they are dominating
england has more shots on target so they are dominating
england havent loss at home for a year so they are going to win
uraguay plays like paraguay so england should win
none of the fowerds from germany ever scored a eurocup goal so england should win
michael owen is injured so england was short
rooney is injured so england was short

360 fanboy
360 has sold the most at their home nvm wii is rapidly outselling it
360 was never meant to do good in japan
at least 360 dosent use up lots of energy
360s not ugly
360 still has better online
360 has rumble
360 has better fps
360 got 4\100 ps3 excluses so we gonna get all

m$ fanboy:ps3 looks washed out
poster:sorry wrong labels that was the 360s one
m$ fanboy:ps3 one looks dark you can barely see thee faces while 360 one is nice and bright

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BIGBAER4267d ago

The continued drop in sales of the PS3 in its homeland Japan is telling. A lot could be said about how the PS3 is fairing elswhere as well.

It's definitely not going as Sony had hoped and predicted. A strong release cycle that brings 'must have' games to the market will help, but how much attention --- and loyalty -- has been lost and given eslwhere? Nintendo is certainly happy. Microsoft too.

Nothing makes international competitors happier than when the opposing team's product tanks on its own turf.

'Nuff said.

BubblesDAVERAGE4267d ago

The just dont buy games.. no Rpgs no sales...or weird games.. ps3 sales will pick up again ..........Idk are there any games in japan comming out soon..that they like

freeza4267d ago (Edited 4267d ago )

what is with ppl an sales, you know i think this was the first time a nintendo an a sony platform launched back to back

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