Rumor: Zune HD Comes in 16/32GB Sizes, Launches September 8

Gizmodo: A tipster just dropped off a few internal Microsoft docs that point to a September 8 launch of the Zune HD. In addition to that, the tipster says it's coming in 16GB and 32GB versions. All pretty logical.

We already knew that the HD has Nvidia's Tegra inside, which makes it a high powered, high performance device that can handle HD output and possibly some nice gaming. What we don't know is what the cost of the OLED screen and the cost of Tegra will make the final price. No word on that yet from the tipster.

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really duh3378d ago

Black or Silver!!!!!!

*head explodes*

GiantEnemyCrab3378d ago

MS was pretty low-key about this new Zune at E3. I thought they would emphasis the fact it will play XBLA games and make it part of their presentation.

This is starting to sound better and better and MS might actually have a real competitor here. The price is going to be important.

Sibs3378d ago

Plus I'm surprised they haven't made emphasis on the radio in it too, that makes me think about getting it.