Faceoff: Resident Evil 5 vs Dead Space

Select/Start Games: This week's addition of Faceoff is taking a turn for the horrific, pairing Capcom's Resident Evil 5 against EA's newcomer franchise, Dead Space. We're going to compare everything from visuals, to story, to controls, gameplay and scare factor, to bring you the lowdown on which title will bring you more scares for your buck. Let the Faceoff begin!

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GrieverSoul3308d ago

My opinion?!

In survival horror experience, Dead Space takes the crown!

qface643308d ago

i prefer resident evil in name alone
but in terms of game play id have to say dead space

Cryptech3308d ago

Dead Space wins. Good Article. When I played Dead Space in the dark I actually got scared. Resident evil would be better as a gun game.