Guardian: Apple iPhone 3GS Review

Guardian writes: "Well, OK, thank you Stephen Fry for that review of the iPhone 3GS. And now, let me have a go. Because the thing about the new iPhone, if you haven't got an iPhone (and lots of people haven't), is that it's not just the phone: there's also the fact, in the UK as in most other countries, that you're not just getting a phone; you're buying into a whole package, including O2, its UK carrier."

Pros: fast, excellent web rendering; third-party apps

Cons: expensive, short battery life, extra for tethering

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MasterChief36243374d ago

The iPhone 3G and iPhone had short battery life... The iPhone 3G S, from what I'm hearing from everyone else, has almost twice the battery life as those two iterations of the iPhone.

30 hours for music, 10 hours for video, 400 hours standby time... Sounds pretty fantastic to me, honestly :?