GameShark: inFAMOUS Review

GameShark writes: "Infamous is like an abusive spouse. When we're together, I get hurt, angry, and sad. But I have feelings for it regardless, and when I'm away from its deliciously smooth platforming and exciting action sequences the craving becomes unbearable. Then, when I've snuggled into its sweet caress again it gives me a big ol' shiner and sends me packing to my sister's place."

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Pennywise3314d ago

Anyone reviewing this game under 85% is stupid.

Black Maverick3314d ago

I'm starting to wonder if some of these reviewers are actual gamers who play regularly or they just play games only when reviewing them. The claim that inFamous is too hard or broken usually comes from people who honestly suck at playing videogames. If you're getting killed by hobos in the later part of the game, that's not developers fault. You just suck at playing.

sorceror1713312d ago

@Maverick - Gotta agree. I'm no uber-gamer, my nine-year-old son's further along in inFamous than me. (Of course, he's playing on Easy, I'm doing Medium.)

I still enjoy playing it, even if I die some. I just have to play more strategically, that's all - and the beauty of inFamous is that you mostly can. If you're a twitch freak pulling off strings of headshots, good on you. But if you have to think things through a bit, you can, too. I usually grab the high ground and rain death from above, for example.

And one thing I really appreciate is the control scheme. It's so well-thought-out, every power instantly available and intuitively placed. The game can get challenging, but very rarely frustrating. I wonder if, as a reviewer, they're just doing the story missions and not the side missions, not building up some XP. If you don't boost your powers up, sure you'll run into trouble later on...

shysun3314d ago

I beat it on hard the first time through. This guy just sucks! You cant just run n gun!

Socomer 19793314d ago

I didnt read but did this guy really have some issues with the hobos killing him?
wow thats just bad gaming right there. what happened he didnt know how to lower his dificulty options? you need to play it on easy dude unless you are willing to plan out your attacks on the drop of a dime.

Some people I swear... whew !

Gamefan123314d ago

I played this game on hard .. had some issues and died a few times I admit it, but often it was due to me trying to do a stunt at the time =).

This line here ". Earning evil points for doing good deeds " from the review shows he is an idiot ... ya you get evil points if you kill people which i'm sure he was doing all the time while trying to be good

Bordel_19003314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )


Man, that's just wrong. inFAMOUS is great. 80/100 and above is reasonable. C+ can't be taken seriously.

Gameshark is now on my ignore list, this guy should stick to Wii Sports.