Face-Off: Sacred 2 1080p Performance Analysis

Digital Foundry writes:

"As usual, time was against me when putting together Face-Off 20, and there were a few games left by the wayside in the rush to get the feature published in a timely fashion. Sacred 2 on Xbox 360 and PS3 was worth picking up and looking at in a bit more depth though since it has the distinction of running at native 1080p with no resolution trickery or upscaling. Not only that but it manages to do so on both platforms."

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jack_burt0n3308d ago

Wow that screentearing makes me feel ill seriously bump down resolutions lower texture rez do whatever but make sure ur game can run with some kind of sync :P the bigger the tv the bigger the damn screen juttering and tearing in half.

Jide3308d ago

Shaka,u probably should go back 2 d jungle where u belong.If u don't know about d 360 then don't write.Recent 360s have in-built HDMIs.