TGR: Demon's Souls Hands-On Preview

Demon's Soul's--From Software's upcoming action-RPG that is being published by Atlus--is a game about death. You will die in this game. A lot. Because of that, only the most masochistic need apply.

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mr durand pierre3376d ago

Playing the import now and loving every minute.

callahan093376d ago

Just got my platinum trophy today! 112 hours, 43 minutes of play time. Soul level 174. Hell yeah!

NeverforgetNES3376d ago

Hmm. Looks quite interesting.

Viewtiful3376d ago

Played this at E3, and it's kinda lame combat and gameplay, but the way they handled death is absurdly interesting to say the least.

mr durand pierre3376d ago

The combat is really good, but takes awhile to get into. It's not a game that demos well, but play it for long enough and creeping around the dimly lit corridors is really tense.

SlamVanderhuge3376d ago

It sounds.....ubertough. I like hardcore games, but this sounds like a bit much