John Romero on ZeniMax Acquisition: "Disgusting"

Shortly after the id ZeniMax news broke, John Romero released the following comments via twitter...

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dudemandude3195d ago

John Romero? I didn't even know he was still around. It's too bad that that is his disposition even after 10+ years away from id.

iheartdestr0y3195d ago

I heard he was going to make ZeniMax his b****...

Greywulf3195d ago

But uh.. now? Quake Wars imploded didn't it? *yawn*

jessehaysfl3194d ago

DOOM and coming soon Rage

Nothing else needs to be said. So what if quake wars sucked, the future of quake is browser based.......

Disccordia3194d ago

Quake Wars was made by Splash Damage. I think iD may have published it though.

Major_Tom3194d ago

Quake Wars is an excellent game on a PC and a sub-bar game PC game on consoles, the same formula doesn't work as fluidly.

Syronicus3194d ago

If you judge them on their Console efforts then yeah, they suck both in way of development and publishing but their PC efforts are held in very high regards. As for the Pomero comment... I have to agree only if iD takes the same route Bethesda did. Please iD, don't become glitchy devs that aim to support a single console for extended periods of time. Bethesda has never been perfect but they have made one of my all time favorite games and it worked well on both consoles... Oblivion. As for Fallout, not so much.

Strive to become better with this new partnership iD, not worse.

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Cajun Chicken3195d ago

Wait, when did this take place? Shocking, I never thought Id would be bought!

dominicm3195d ago

Oh yeah, they were bought up earlier today. There's an official statement on their site:

I for one am very happy for id. I feel like this can only mean good things, unless someone can point out to me otherwise.

Leathersoup3194d ago

I completely agree. I hope that the folks at Bethesda are able to get some help from id as far as game engines etc.

IQUITN4G3194d ago

I suppose the point really is, shouldn't id be in a far better position considering it started the fps basically rolling.Maybe this is what John Romero is referring to when he says disgusting

Doom 1-2 and Quake i consider as boundary setting yet Doom 3 is generally considered a disappointing sequel - personally i don't think they make better than anything else shooters.Nothing can change what was first achieved though way back in the Doom and quake days - though that said, i was too busy playing Goldeneye to care and have always favoured that over Quake

sinny3194d ago

He is right , i mean, ID should be in a better position right now.

DelbertGrady3194d ago

"Yeah, that’s it. Why does he hate ZeniMax? Who knows? Does his opinion matter? Not really. He has long since left id and went on to develop one of the worst games ever made. Since then, he’s kept a low profile, emerging once in a while to get married and divorced, and occasionally appearing in Penny Arcade strips. He may have helped to create some of the most influential games of all time, but that doesn’t give him an excuse to be a douche for no apparent reason. I know Fallout 3 was no Daikatana, but then again, what is?"

Awesome stuff lol

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