iCasual Review: Land of the Lost Crystal Adventure

Listen as Carter Dotson of The Portable Gamer tears apart this movie-turned crystal adventure, as written by TPG editor Jaden Walker. Sounds like even for free, this one might not be worth your time.

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Neco5123380d ago

Trying to cash in on another cheap gimmick, well, it's free, so I guess they aren't really cashing in per say

bgrundman3380d ago

Too bad the movie didn't sell for sh1t

CrAppleton3380d ago

This is one of those movies that a lot of people wanted to see.. but just didn't go see it

bgrundman3380d ago

Wow, this looks like a steamer right out of the gate... licensed games suck.

reluctant_gamer3380d ago

It just looks stupid... I know "you're not suppose to judge a book by the cover", but really...

MaCkTeHkNiFe3380d ago

The movie looked pretty awful, sounds like the game followed suit.