WoW PTR 3.2 - New Druid Forms Video has been busy filming the new Druid skins from the Public Test Realms of World of Warcraft.

See the new Druid forms of both Night Elf and Tauren as they are in Patch 3.2, expected sometime in the next couple of months.

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Maticus3308d ago

Pretty nice to see them moving around rather than just those pictures :)

Malfurion3308d ago

If only I could get on the PTR =/

Medievaldragon3308d ago

Yea, I love the new druid forms. They look less cartoony.

Christopher3307d ago

So, do the new forms take on the colors of your base avatar? I can see that Tauren have horns and noserings while night elves have glowing eyes and weird necklaces. But, do the colors directly correspond to what you've selected for your avatar?