GameFocus: Secret Agent Clank Review

GameFocus writes: "Sadly there are some good games out there that are quickly and shamefully ported to other systems and are not even half the game that the original was. This is the case of Secret Agent Clank which was an above average and very fun game on the Playstation Portable which has been ported to the Playstation Two by Sanzaru Games for publisher Sony. Not building on the Playstation Two's strengths but having it limited to what the Playstation Portable was capable of leaves this game feeling like a quick port that never should have happened."


+ If you can get past everything bad in the game there is some fun to be had


- Graphics are equal to the first generation PS2
- Audio is subpar
- Camera control is horrible to the point it hurts your ability to play the game.
- Just a simply bad port from a great PSP title

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