The Portable Gamer Review: Mass Effect Galaxy (iPhone)

TPG writes, "I was skeptical at first though, after reading how I was to play this game. Tilt controls have not always been the best option for iPhone games, and to implement them in a franchise that is known for its RPG elements and intense gun fights doesn't sound like a winning combination. From the second the story began, any doubts I had were put to rest."

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Neco5123376d ago

This game looks pretty cool. I really enjoyed ME, I might have to pick this up as well

Neco5123376d ago

I don't like how short the game sounds though, 3 hrs?

CrAppleton3376d ago

But they're three super crazy awesome hours of gameplay! And isn't that worth 5 bucks?? YES it is!

bgrundman3376d ago

only a 3 hour game from a 125MB download? That sounds a bit extreme to me.

CrAppleton3376d ago

There's a trailer of ME2 on there as well don't forget. I'm sure that takes up a good chunk of space

DaRockSays3376d ago

3hrs dos sound weak, but if its as good as they say it is then it shouldnt mater

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reluctant_gamer3376d ago

Thank you! Finally a good review about it. I was waiting to see your verdict. Now to go buy it.

DaRockSays3376d ago

i ws wating to see how u guys rated this to. looks good

CrAppleton3376d ago

Anyone who enjoyed the original game will love this one just as much.. Sure it's short, but it has all of the right pieces from the original. Top of the line voice acting, great music, intriguing story-line.. seriously.. worth your money!

MaCkTeHkNiFe3376d ago

Looks Good, though lack of an iPhone means I'll just keep waiting for ME2.

Neco5123376d ago

you should look into it, the review says that you unlock something in ME2 if you beat the game. Sounds pretty cool

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