Famitsu Hardware/Software for 6/15-21

Examiner: "Famitsu has reported the hardware sales for Japan during the duration of June 15th through the 21st. Not much has changed on the hardware front since last week, but software is booming for the Nintendo DS."

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SpoonyRedMage3189d ago

Kingdom Hearts has nearly caught up to Chinatown Wars now and has surpassed IU and SOIV. Cool I guess.

360 only 2K behind PS3!?

MattyF3188d ago

KH should stay around for a bit.

sofocado3188d ago

Nice to see the xbox 360 is not far behind the ps3 in Japan. Sad to say that the ps3 is way behind Xbox 360 in the US.

FinalomegaS3188d ago

why not include the DSL+DSI?

DSL 5,500
DSi 37,000
PSP 27,000
Wii 17,000
PS3 8,700
PS2 4,800
360 6,100

guess we won't hear the " PS2 beat the 360 this week"

the calm before the storm of DQIX and MH3

PirateThom3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

DS and DSi, for some reason, are always counted separately. I speculated it was because DSi has its own game library.

Then I realised they kept DS and DS Lite separate as well.

tuglu_pati3188d ago

Xbox 360 doing bad as always, but the pS3 is not to good either. Slow week i guess. Good numbers for the portables.