Trophy Guide - Terminator: Salvation

PlayStation LifeStyle helps you get the platinum trophy for Terminator: Salvation.

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DJ3341d ago

To earn a platinum trophy in. I'll just use this guide and rent the game tomorrow night. =P

dericb113341d ago

To be honest you don't need this guide. I will give you one:

1) Start on Hard (Its unlocked from beginning.)

2) Beat each level. Each Level is worth a Gold Trophy. Just beat them for each gold trophy. 10 Levels mean 10 Gold Trophies.

3) Since you played it on "Hard" you have all trophies in
one play (About 4 Hours).

4) Platinum Time. Since you played "Hard" and beat the levels.

DoucheVader3341d ago

I'll Be Back! For my Platinum Trophy! LOL

Automat3341d ago

needs a trophyguide for this game? You start it up on hard and play for four hours. The end. Platinum. Badabing.

Mc1873341d ago

So see this is for the Special ones