x360a: FUEL Review

x360a writes: "Many people have different aspirations in life, but for the vast majority of us, winning the lottery is one of them. Just think what you could do with all that money ... buy a yacht, buy a mansion, travel the world, the list is endless. We all dream of things like that, but me, I'm a simple person, and the one thing that I would buy ahead of anything else is ... a new keyboard for Codemasters, because it seems that the caps lock is stuck on their current one. That's the only feasible reason I can see for them capitalising their recent game names. There was GRID, don't get me started on DiRT, but now we have another, FUEL. Developed by Asobo, FUEL is Codemasters attempt at an open-world off-road racer ... and boy have they created a world, the biggest one in console gaming history.

FUEL takes place in the not too distant future in an area of the world that has been ravaged by global warming. The inhabitants of the land are long gone and all that are left behind are a distinct bunch of extreme sports junkies who use this part of the world as their playground. The world in FUEL is your oyster, so if you can see it, you can climb it, you can ride to it, you can jump over it, unfortunately for FUEL that's all you'll probably want to do as the main racing mechanic isn't that awe inspiring..."

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