x360a: Damnation Review

x360a writes: "Regardless of all the hate it seems to get, there is no denying that the original Gears of War was an inspirational game. It may not have provided us with many completely original features but it did everything very well indeed and had a superb cover mechanic to boot. It has obviously been the birthing point for many wannabe titles since then, of which Damnation is just the latest in a very long line. In that regard we can blame Gears of War for one thing – making companies think they can do a game that is just as good, only for poor fools (like myself) to have to suffer the agonising results. To say that this game is underwhelming is an understatement. Actually it is a bare faced lie. So now let me share with you my experience – in the valiant hope it will save you from the same horrific fate.

With the game coming from a first time 360 developer in Blue Omega, you would naturally expect to give them a bit of leeway in terms of design..."

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