Telegraph: Kazuo Hirai interview: Start of a new movement

Kazuo Hirai seems fairly relaxed for a man named one of the most powerful business executives in the world. Since joining Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) in 1995, Hirai has been pivotal in the success of Sony's PlayStation brand, eventually rising to worldwide CEO of the business in 2007.

If the pressure is on, with the video game industry being at its most fiercely competitive, then it doesn't show as we sit high above the streets of downtown Los Angeles at the famous Westin Bonaventure Hotel. "I'll tell you one thing." Hirai says, grinning, as he settles into a large, comfortable sofa by the window, overlooking the hills. "I like this hotel room."

The past few years for SCE haven't been their easiest, with Microsoft's Xbox business solidly improving and Nintendo's Wii conquering all. However, recently Sony's PlayStation 3 has begun building real momentum, with some quality exclusive titles out now and looming on the horizon. Has it been tough for the PS3 to reach this point? "It's no secret that [success is] all about what compelling content you can bring to the console," says Hirai.

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Shadow Flare3314d ago

Kaz Hirai i think is completely correct. You simply need physical controls for some experiences. They would know after all, with the eyetoy. I tell you something, if i had a 360 and was playing a racing game online against someone who was playing against me using the natal camera, i would kick their ass. Real controls are just better. And i think alot of people would favour normal controls to a camera for that reason. Thats of course if microsoft really do implement it in hardcore games. Another example would be, who uses sixaxis motion controls to steer in burnout, motorstorm or wipeout? No-one because real controls are more accurate and better

Sony Rep3314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

Try playing Burnout with the sixaxis steering on. It's fun and functional, but isn't something that's as accurate as using the d-pad or analog sticks. And this is using no controllers? Lawl. Kaz's been there, done that attitude is spot on.

WIIIS13314d ago

Kaz the Klown strikes again. He doesn't see anything as a threat. He probably doesn't feel that Playstation has lost a substantial share of the market either.

SoapShoes3314d ago

Even if that were true, he'd be more level-headed than you.

sinncross3314d ago


Now onto the article:
Though I think Hirai makes an interesting point about a physical conmtroller. Originally Richard Marks at E3 pointed out that from the eyetoy they realzied that a physical controller was needed for true interactivity.
Hirai makes the same point but from a differtent angle: that a physcial controller is more natural and it makes sense.

I think Natal has it's uses, just as the Eyetoy did, but considering Sony want to have their core games usable with motion sensing controls, I think they have found a good medium to do so.

Hopefulyl they'll show off some more of their controller at gamescom.