Console Monster: FUEL Review

Console Monster writes: "Expectation is a weird one in which I'm still not too sure if I personally like it. On one hand it leads to excitement and allows you to have something to look forward to in the future. However on the other hand there is disappointment and the feeling that you have been let down. Fuel is a perfect example of such a feeling. I expected a lot from the game which wasn't helped with the hype the game has produced before its release. Press releases stating that the size of the map was a Guinness World Record, taking a whopping 3 hours to drive from side to side. The fact that its open world driving was giving you the ultimate freedom you want, and you can choose a variety of different vehicles to suit the terrain you're engaging with. The screenshots looked great too which always adds excitement and let's just say I was looking forward to its release. But was this more of a vision and a dream than actual reality when it comes to Fuel?

To start on a positive note the landscape is gigantic. So you can tell straight away why they are proud of such an achievement as entering the Guinness Book of Records..."

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