WAR: Land of the Dead Launches

Mythic has announced that the latest update to Warhammer Online has gone live in Europe today.

After competing with each other for the past week in the 'Rise of the Tomb Kings' event, the winning Order / Destruction sides on each server will now have exclusive 24 hour access to the new Land of the Dead dungeon zone.

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Dorjan3167d ago

What an awesome prize for an in-game event!

Medievaldragon3167d ago

24 hours? Bet a lot of people are gonna marathon it thru

Malfurion3167d ago

I understand that realms have to fight over this every day, harsh for the losing side!

Maticus3167d ago

I know someone who has an all-nighter planned. I, however, have a job :P

Fyzzu3167d ago

Hah. That's a really nice touch.

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