Metal Gear Solid Rising:What We Know So Far

SKOAR!"The recent Kojima podcast revealed that Rising utilize a brand new engine coded from scratch to exploit the power of current generation machines. We present to you all the information that has been available across so far regarding the game."

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DragonWarrior_43380d ago

Oh sh*t. I was just talking about this. The new Castlevania is gonna be sick too! Zone of the Enders 3 will probably come next gen. I cannot wait for that.

Nike3380d ago

Castlevania is much more commercially sound and relevant as a franchise than Zone of the Enders. It'd be great to see it in high-def but as long as a Castlevania, Silent Hill, Metal Gear, etc. are available for Konami to create sequels, ZOE 3 may never happen. But good to see the devs stating that if fans want it, they'd be more than happy to give it to them.

DNAgent3380d ago

I mean what the hell happened to this game (video below)? I'm assuming that game got canceled so they could slap the Castlevania name on Lords of Shadow. However, this game could be 2D or 3D as the trailer doesn't really make much of anything clear except that Alucard is in it since it's just a CG Trailer. If it's a 2D it could be a PSN/XBLA title or possibly a remake of SotN.

Not to mention, Lords of Shadow isn't even a real Castlevania game (even the trailer which came out earlier that didn't have the Castlevania name slapped on it). Lords of Shadow is also being made by MercurySteam (the same people who made Clive Barker's Jericho). Also, why no mention of Koji Igarashi at Konami's E3 conference?

There are numerous things wrong with this but I will just leave it at that.

All-33380d ago (Edited 3380d ago )

LOL.... the new game engine for MGS: Rising will allow for better graphics than MGS4, according to Kojima Productions. Care to explain those statements away first?

How can the graphics be BETTER than those running on the MGS4 game engine if the MGS4 engine is so superior?

Listen to the podcast if you dare:

If you can't understand why the MGS4 engine can't run on the Xbox 360... then you'll have a hard time understanding why different car engines can't just run in ANY other car without major modifications if even then.

Nice3380d ago (Edited 3380d ago )

we know nothing except that you look like a troll...

On topic I still am excited bout the game, Kojima aint gonna let newbs ruin his creation....

Giant_Enemy_Sackboy3380d ago

This is the B group the creator of the first Zone of Enders (it suck so much and was so cliche ,im glad Kojima directed ZOE2 ,it was awesome)and Metal gear solid VR mission, u played as Grey Fox . I really dont care about it. i might buy it if there nothing good coming around the time this come out ( which i doubt).
Im really exited about MG Peace Walker a game being develop by the A team,the same that made MGS4 . That's something to be exited about and not a half a$$ game by the b group .

WIIIS13380d ago

I think you belong to the AAA group of rabid fanboyism.

Nike3380d ago


Well, Kojima also created Metal Gear Solid Touch, which was basically MGS4 for the iPhone. And that sucked. So better to wait for the game's release before deciding who made the better game in the past and whatnot. And hey, look at it this way: No one involved in MGS Rising has worked on Snake's Revenge. :)

beardpapa3380d ago (Edited 3380d ago )

@Sackboy & other hardcore fans

*puts flameshield on*

Kojima is the god of convoluted story lines. As much as i thought MGS4 was great, there were times (especially the last scene w/ Old Snake & Big Boss talking) when I thought WTF? Of course I never played MGS, did play MGS2, and skipped on MGS3. I enjoyed Portable Ops a lot, but obviously it doesn't really tie into Solid Snake's arc. I probably would understand that last scene better if I had played MGS... but still it's a little too much.

I'm just glad there are other types of espionage/military non-shooter games out there like the Tom Clancy stuff - Ghost Recon & Splinter Cell. Can you imagine SC Conviction w/ a story line like a fully loaded messy baked potato? Yikes!

beavis4play3380d ago (Edited 3380d ago )

he has an outstanding MGS4 engine and it can't be used due to the fact the game will be multi-plat.
it's laughable that the article says "a new engine is being coded from scratch to exploit the power of next gen consoles." NEWSFLASH - kojima already MADE that engine. it's just too bad 360 can't handle it. (and this is not fanboy crap - if anyone disagrees; please explain why they aren't using the MGS4 engine for "rising"...i'd like to know)
this makes me wonder if "rising" will end up looking like another cookie-cutter UE3 game. oh well...............

at beardpapa - so it's kojimas fault you can't follow a story? and you didn't play the first or third games; so, it sounds like the problem lies with you and NOT the story. i WILL say that MGS2 went off the "political deep-end" near the end of the game. overall, i really enjoy the MGS world and it's stories.

LittleBigSackBoy3380d ago


like you can talk...

el zorro3380d ago


The MGS4 engine was specifically made to run on the PS3 so of course it isn't going to work well on the 360. Same thing would happen if you tried to move a 360-specific engine over to the PS3. By creating a new engine they can make an even better looking game and that is exactly what they are promising they will do.

MGS4 looks good, but it isn't all that special anyway. 360 could easily run that game if the engine was rewritten to work well with the 360.

beavis4play3380d ago (Edited 3380d ago )

why would you expect an engine (made for MULTIPLE systems) to produce better results than one made for a specific console? i'm not saying it will look "bad".......but i doubt it will look better than MGS4.
and the arguement that "it could be done on the 360"......that's been used for uncharted and UC2, ratchet:ToD and aCiT, KZ2, MGS4, GOW3, heavy rain, the last guardian......etc... but i've yet to see a 360 game match those kinds of graphics. NG looked great as did ME and the gears games. but they just aren't on the same level as the ps3 exclusives.
but, hey! i hope you're right. i love the MGS series! and thanks for replying.

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Nice3380d ago

good in MGS4...honestly Snake wa designed to retire...I felt pain when I saw raiden scampering around like a monkey and me coughing about...

Giant_Enemy_Sackboy3380d ago (Edited 3380d ago )

Here are my arguments
Mgs4 was such an outstanding achievement on every area the xbox 360 lacks,huge environment only possible because of the cell processor and rsx (if u think the xbox is more powerful than the ps3 u are just plain retarded and u are being such a fanboy ,u should take ur face out of Microsoft a$$),blu ray is needed in other to exceed mgs4 quality (50 gig compressed =6.25 Double layer dvd and thats only mgs4),and the most important of all is U ARE NOT PLAYING AS SNAKE .It's going to be MEtal gear solid vr missions all over again, u played as the ultra mega awesome and badass cyborg ninja(sounds familiar)gray fox to bad it suck .
P.S. Kojima is only producing it not directing it .

Pootangpie3380d ago

you sony fanboys say that about all your games even Littlebigplanet lol Sorry I saw MGS4 and It wasn't very impressive looking and besides MGS4 has sony references in it anyone with half a brain would know it was an exclusive for there console espically considering that Rising isn't even a sequal or a main game in the series it's a spinoff for all we know

281219863380d ago

and you knw everything bout the game the plot is constructed its new visual poweress everything... I still want to see wat they offer before making up my mind

281219863380d ago

than blabbering anything that comes off your mouth...Kojima is a well respected man he would not have given it to a bunch of individuals who did not know wat gaming was...Rising still has a long way to go...

soxfan20053380d ago

The worst type of fanboys are the ones who hope for the failure of a major game for their own console. MGSR will be a MAJOR release for both 360 and PS3, yet some here are hoping it fails, thereby hoping a major PS3 game fails, simply because a great MGSR game for PS3 would also mean a great MGSR for 360, and that is intolerable to some fanboys.

beardpapa3380d ago


I agree with you but i think this time I'm going to have to side w/ the guys hoping the game fails. MGS2 was pretty neat and MGS4 was even better, but I felt it was lacking something. The storyline also isn't for everybody. If I had to pick between MGSR or Conviction, I think i'd get Conviction. On a side note though, I just recently picked up Fable 2 when the price went down at Fry's and I'm quite disappointed. The story is cliche, it's not as open-ended as it was advertised, combat sorta sucks, interface couldve been better, and it's quite buggy. I hope Fable 3 (if it ever comes to fruition) fails. Actually, anything that Peter Molyneux promised had failed IMO... even his Black & White games. I thought BW2 would be better than the first but boy it was just the same ol same ol.

Giant_Enemy_Sackboy3380d ago

Than the xbox 360 ,i dont see where is thefanboynism there ,i actually see fanboynism saying otherwise . Hey i said all that because of expirience not because i dont like it ,it would be stupid more since its a multiplatform game . The only thing im sad is that many people want all the good franchises to lower its quality in order to have it on their console thats really sad even worse is people saying that's fanboynism.

soxfan20053380d ago

Bigger doesn't always mean better (as far as # of GB's go). After all, isn't the next "true" MGS game - Peace Walker - going to be on PSP? On a 2GB UMD? If you think that putting a game on 360 automatically means lower quality, you must really have low expectations for the PSP game.

N4realGMRZ3380d ago

I figured u didnt know much about game when u go around saying you know its gonna suck havnt played it yet? what are u? 13? i almost took you seriously. shame on me i guess.

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100003380d ago

MGS4 honestly nothing bout the game screamd next generation...Guys I know I'll get a billion disagrees on this but uncharted and Heavenly sword looked better than MGS4.The action sequences were good but it was nothing to blow anyones mind away....I still think MGS3 is the best in the series...Rising am swallowing with skepticism, its like Bioshock 2 sans the original creator...a hard work to follow up

GiantEnemyCrab3380d ago

The scenes on the motorbike and in the mech were pretty amazing in my opinion. Also the epic battle at the end of the game.

I agree Heavenly and Uncharted are both awesome but MGS4 had several OMFG moments in it for me.

beardpapa3380d ago

gonna agree with you and crab on this. The Raiden/Vamp scene was awesome, piloting Rex was fantastic, and the last scene vs Ocelot was like an interactive "western" showdown movie. However the rest of the game didn't seem next-gen. Graphics-wise it seemed like a hi-def version of what could be a PS2 game. Presentation-wise it was spectacular. Even though I didn't like the story much or the last scene, I thought it was very touching and emotional seeing Old Snake talk to Big Boss and lighting that last cigar for him, and even more touching when Big Boss told Snake to go live the last bits of his life.

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