Survey: Modern Warfare 2 Loses Brand Awareness Without 'Call of Duty'

Kris Graft -

Activision and Infinity Ward's Modern Warfare 2 not only dropped the the Call of Duty moniker, but a sizable chunk of brand recognition, tracking firm OTX tells Gamasutra.

Consumer awareness levels for the highly-anticipated military mega-sequel dropped 20 percentage points since Activision revealed the official name of the game would ditch the Call of Duty brand, according to Nick Williams, who runs the GamePlan Insights division for OTX.

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JonahFalcon3375d ago

Yes, it is a mistake.

Imagine if Bungie released Halo 3: ODST as just “ODST” - or worse, Halo: Reach as just “Reach“. The title “Call of Duty” evoked a natural response even from knowledgeable gamers; more casual gamers may not make the immediate connection, or have an emotional disconnect from the game.

In short, the words “Call of Duty” better be on the box somewhere, if not on the title.

The_Count3375d ago

Yes indeed. I am dissapointed. Now there are less call of duty games to count every year. Elmo got me banned from Xbox live anyway. Called kermit a toad when he is quite clearly a frog.

Ah ah ah.

The Matrix3375d ago

This is exactly right. Everyone I know calls the game Call of Duty 4. If I even mention "Modern Warfare" they're confused for a few seconds. Sure it's not that big of a deal and they're still going to sell millions of copies and maybe break some records but they could sell even more.

Blaze9293374d ago (Edited 3374d ago )

Yeah exactly. Everyone I know just keeps it going at CoD (insert number). Cal of Duty World at War, which CLEARLY has no number is still referred to as CoD5 to aloooooooooot of people. When the "less informed" people see this they will wonder, "Modern Warfare 2?"

But I see where Infinity Ward is coming from though; dunno whatever reason they gave for the CoD name drop but I'm sure Treyarch is part of the reason. Hell, I'd want to branch as far away as possible too. CoD4 was a fantastic game, Treyarch came in and basically copied everything CoD4 did (the HUD, menu design, multiplayer look, even the damn disc art...the disc art!) and made a WW2 shooter.

Back to the "less informed", they probably think there's only one developer making these CoD games and going in thinking World at War is a sequel to CoD4 then finding out it's not, I'd be pissed. It's like a loose-loose situation here, people see Call of Duty again and after World at War, probably dont wan't to touch another CoD game again.

NOT saying World at War was a bad game though....

jcgamer3374d ago

but it probably has more to do with Infinity Ward being the real developer talent behind the series...i bet you next year it will be called...

Call of Duty: The One Infinity Ward Doesn't Make, Wait Till Next Year Edition

lol :)

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PenisaurisDix3375d ago

Those 20 points will come back up when the game completely dominates like COD4 did.

jmare3375d ago

You are missing the point comepletely. This has nothing to do with the gameplay of the game. It has to do with the loss of recognition that the average person has for the game due to Activision removing the COD branding.

Rifle-Man3375d ago (Edited 3375d ago )

I agree, it's a bad idea dropping Call of Duty. Have you ever been at Wal-Mart and seen how people buy games? They have no idea what they're going to buy before they get there, they just show up and say, "Hey, this cowboy game Damnation looks pretty cool! I'll take two."

Automat3375d ago

They should get rid of the cod before it reaches 11... cod split into two ips, waw and mw.

chzin3374d ago

Its bad news for Activision. Most men know Call of Duty. Modern Warfare is totaly new for them.

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