Petition for AVI support on PS3 raised

Well, what do we have here? Sephiroth VII gave us a tip and it leads right to Petitions Online. There's a small group lobbying for Sony to enable the PS3 to support AVI/Div X formats.

Right now there are 20 signatures pushing to have that added feature. don't think there's any harm in what they're asking for. That would make the PS3 a more universal media player and that shouldn't be bad.
A lot of foreign videos come in that format, especially the more exotic eastern ones. If you want to support the campaign, follow the read URL and sign the petition.

Sign in here:

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mattkelly19914259d ago

OMG I TOOK A SCREEN SHOT. Check it out! 1337 Signitures! Thats the coolest thing ever

BlazeXXL4259d ago

AVI is a codec which is getting bigger and bigger. Hell, if Sony includes it, I can store ALL my Bleach episodes! Hurray!

dfb19774258d ago

Convert it to MP4, easy