1.50 Update: Socom

"FREE Downloadable Content:

We are happy to announce that the 1.60 Update will also contain additional features and content. We've heard your requests for new content and we are happy to provide free downloadable content with the 1.60 update. The following free Downloadable Content will be available to all players:

New Special Forces: The Dutch KCT and the Italian COMSUBIN Special Forces. Each Force includes new heads and voice + a light, medium and heavy variant of their own torso and legs (each with a unique camouflage pattern).

Two new primary weapons will be immediately accessible to players who select to play as the new Special Forces; the 417 assault rifle for the Dutch KCT and the SPAS 15 shotgun for the Italian COMSUBIN Special Forces.

Four new weapons will be available to all players regardless of assigned Special Force. These are the 9mm Sub Machine Gun, M82A1A, Ak-74 and SR-25. The 1.60 will also include a number of weapon updates and adjustments to existing weapons."

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saint_john_paul_ii3381d ago

well at least the DLC is free. still this game was a let down for SOCOM fans. it disappointed the Pope as well.

Greywulf3381d ago (Edited 3381d ago )

This patch isn't going to fix anything as im sure the community has caught onto. These guys are hacks, they couldn't even release a working game. And each patch literally made the game worse, but repaired something like the framerate that should have been normal to begin with.

They have announced they have been working on this patch forever. again.. and no mention of private matches.

Fu*k slant 6.

BlackTar1873381d ago (Edited 3381d ago )

I play this game all the time with a clan of 12 on socom and never hear people complain about anything other then lack of new maps. Whens the last time you played it better yet whats your PSN ill look it up on to see if you even played after the big patch that reset the stats.

Greywulf is that you PSN becasue it shows yo u have no games played since the big patch like 5 months or more ago so unless your name is differnt i dont see where you have right to comment on how poor it is.


They dont like change....I see why all the halo games are very similar to the first....At Launch i would admit this game was garbage but now its a good game and fun...I havent played since the new update but all in all its super solid i would recommend this game to a friend ...I wis MAg was TPS

SRuN43381d ago

@1.2 What SOCOM are you playing? Go into a medley and bring up Slant Six being horrible and you'll probably have 5-6 people agree with you saying this game is garbage but they're SOCOM fans and don't play anything else.

jwatt3381d ago

I was actually about to play this game right now. It might of had alot of issues initially but the games is just fun to play. I have Killzone 2, COD4, Warhawk, gta4, LBP and even Uncharted Beta but I play Socom the most. There is no game on the ps3 that has more people communicating then Socom.

Greywulf3381d ago

Please. #1, my psn isn't my n4g name. #2.. Slant6 is a garbage developer. I've played every single patch since its been patched.
How about trying to defend the fact that the features on my retail box aren't in the game? Spin on that for a second. Seriously, I want to watch you try to. Which im sure has to be some form of illegal, but no one is going to do anything about it. Am I supposed to be excited that sound still drops out? Magical grenades that blow you up that were absolutely no where near you? How about throwing grenades to begin with,Lasers going through walls?

The game is playable, but not by Socom standards. Which is why most of the community is upset about the half*ss title /6 has created. Which is why I havent touched it since infamous/unchartedbeta.

joydestroy3381d ago

whatever. i enjoyed the hell out of this game when i first got it, and that was when it still had some major stability issues.

morganfell3381d ago (Edited 3381d ago )

Dev teams have no say so as to when a game gets released. That is up to the publisher. When the moneymen say ship it, the dev teams say "What color box?"

I love how all of these people fire their little comments at Slant 6 who actually had no ability to delay the game's release. None, zero, zilch, nada, nechevo. People like you have only demonstrated the fact you are so busy having a tantrum that you couldn't care less for the facts.

Here is a fact. In it's current state, SOCOM is a damn good game. Did it have issues on launch? Absolutley. Did Slant 6 cry and point the finger saying they couldn't delay the title? No. They sucked it up, took all the hate filled remarks from a group of adolescent malcontents who shouldn't be allowed to game, much less have access to the internet. Slant 6 put up with the biggest bunch of whiners ever and they have worked hard to provide an experience that in it's current form is a damn good game.

The far far majority of these kids caterwauling haven't played the game in at least 6 months.

It is funny how some other games have issues and get a total pass from sites like IGN despite the fact you could grenade tag people thru walls and melee individuals through almost any wall, in addition to having utterly broken netcode. SOCOM beats those games to the punch and begins patching their title at a much faster rate, talking with their fanbase constantly despite the hateful and infantile diatribe.

Fact. I game SOCOM every week and the individuals with whom I run have a blast. SOCOM is proving to be a VERY SOLID title with a remarkable, fun, and gripping online offering.

EDIT: One more item.

1 - Best online communication in any game on any platform ever. By that I mean the game for some reason gets players to work to gether. Absolute strangers in a non clan game will talk and work as a team. Whatever it is that SOCOM does to induce this is pure gold.

Greywulf3381d ago (Edited 3381d ago )

I've been with socom since day 1. Its the best playstation franchise there is. Period.

Morganfell, heres a gigantic yawn for you and your explanation. Yawn. Wake me up when the Socom MENU doesn't lag, lol.

I could care less about the lame behind the scenes issues. My 360 games ship fine, as do my PS3 games, as do my wii games. Warhawk is a prime example of a great game that started bad. With a great developer. Socom is being developed by blathering idiots who have the best PS franchise in their hands. The fact that you can't refute the point that features aren't in the game that are in the box other than trying to drum up the song of bureaucracy isn't changing the fact that the game is a buggy mess, and /6's support isn't up to clearing them out anytime soon. Warhawk had about 2 months of bugs/freezes/glitches then it smoothed out.

Again, the game is playable.. By your low standards that clearly aren't based on previous socoms. Which is fine. Just not my standards. Socom got rated severely low by most outlets, which didn't matter to me because I love socom and bought the game anyway. Many sites in fact did re-reviews as the patches started to roll out, but the severe gameplay problems are still there. You can ignore those and enjoy the game just fine. I don't. I'll be back when they iron out the basic gameplay features/menu responsiveness and other just bare basics that the game should have shipped with.

The beta worked better than the retail product, which was shocking. Then we all got to do another beta for EU.


"1 - Best online communication in any game on any platform ever. By that I mean the game for some reason gets players to work to gether. Absolute strangers in a non clan game will talk and work as a team. Whatever it is that SOCOM does to induce this is pure gold."

Thats due to the hardcore amazing socom community. Who have all been there since day1 like me. You wont find a better online community anywhere, which is why there are higher standards for this title than any out there. I'm done ignoring the problems with the game. I'd say "hopefully they will fix it with 1.5" but every patch has been a significant failure. I'll wait to see what the rest of my clan members say before hopping back into socom land.

morganfell3381d ago

Just do what I did and put the guy on ignore. You can see he is having a tantrum. He doesn't understand game development so why converse with him further. And you were right. That is his PSN ID. He just didn't like getting called on the carpet. I guess those rugburns you gave him smarted, ha ha.

N4Sony3380d ago

How can you people defend this game. Morgenfell I understand (huge PS3 fanboy), but the rest of

1) The features on the box aren't even in the game (as mentioned above)

2) I've had this since launch. Every patch did help but never made the game a quality online experience the likes of KZ2, Halo 3, COD4...NOTHING.

3) Lag/Framerate issue free? Uh, no. Anyone playing this knows that horsesh!t

4) Way to go Morgenfell with the developer doesn't choose the release date. Maybe we should blame Sony too, AND the fact that Slant Six couldn't produce a quality product in the time they were given and instead released us a pile of crap and have tried their best to defend it since day one. Why not just have told Sony they need more time, OR maybe Sony shouldn't release such crap to gamers.

Why defend this thing? It sucks. If you like mediocrity, then have fun. Or, you can play better games. Just saying.

Grown Folks Talk3380d ago

You already know good & well that you are not allowed to have a negative opinion about a Sony product on this site. You could have a PS3 hooked up to every tv in your house with a copy of every version of Socom for each 1, & you still wouldn't be entitled to YOUR opinion.

himdeel3380d ago

...for about $12 and I have had a lot of fun with the game. I think Morgan also does bring up an excellent point. Even in pick up games of SOCOM people generally work together very well. The same cannot be said for many other games during competitive team-based deathmattch.

I think SOCOM is a very worthwhile purchase as one of the most tactical online multiplayer games available on the PS3. I can only comment on the state of the game now and I have to say that as it is today it's a good title and I appreciate Slant6 continuing to support the game with these updates.

morganfell3380d ago (Edited 3380d ago )

Sony was wrong to release the game in the state that they did but the decision was theirs and not within the purview of Slant 6. If you can't fathom that then any further discussion is absolutely useless. I would wager easily that Slant 6 asked for more time. What dev team wouldn't? But at the end of the day they have to do as they are told. Sony reps work in house at Slant 6. Slant 6 is overseen directly by a Sony.

I defend SOCOM because they patched the hell out of that game and because I currently game it and the title is a hell of a MP experience now. Was it on launch? Of course not. Have Slant 6 taken an unjust beating and not cried uncle? Yes. Does SOCOM offer a remarkable online experience now? Absofrickenlutely.

If you think SOCOM is still mediocre then like many naysayers you either haven't played lately (if at all) or else disdain the idea of a shooter that requires you engage your brain housing group instead of run, gun, shoot, die, rinse, repeat.

Greywulf3380d ago (Edited 3380d ago )

People are mature, knowledgeable, and very helpful to new players. There is some serious camaraderie within SOCOM.

But that has absolutely bat dong to do with /6. Sure morganfell, we can blame sony too! Great! Now we have 2 people to blame for a title unworthy of the SOCOM franchise. Still doesn't change the fact that these people can't get the menu working. I keep harping on the menu, because it is literally the most basic feature of a game, and it performs like the rest of /6's approach to socom. Barely good enough.

If it wasn't for the bulletproof socom community, Confrontation would be barren. People want to play socom! Thats why everyone keeps putting up with /6. Socom really offers something you cant find on any other game and a historic community behind it. Socom is in fact a playable enjoyable mess. I'd just rather play the game when its up to par with titles like Warhawk. I come here saying the game is a buggy mess. You guys go into defense mode confirming that it is buggy, but you still have fun with it. And I'm the a#shole?

You should thank the gaming gods for people like me. We are going to stay on /6's a$s until they make a basic operating normally game. With the features on the retail box in the game. Demanding features that should have been there since launch is clearly breaking SDF rules.

Morganfell, I see you slipping into the lame argument that SOCOM is for strategy players, and not run & gunners. Which has nothing to do with SOCOM's problems and performance issues.

No one said the game is mediocre. The performance/code is. Socoms gameplay is very much still intact.

@ Grown Folks Talk

yeah its pathetic. Sad thing Is i was called a Sony fanboy recently as well. This site has some issues.

BLuKhaos3380d ago

I have a question since I haven't played Socom in while.What are the features that are missing from the game that are on the box?

Kaneda3380d ago

I used to play all the times.. but killzone 2 is taking my time away from SOCOM! but looking forward to play it again this weekend!

barom3380d ago (Edited 3380d ago )

my biggest issue with SOCOM was actually the controls. Who zooms with the d-pad? And even though it lets you customize your controls to some degree, there are so many limitations that it never truly feels familiar.

The game itself ran fine though and was actually not too bad but any newcomers be cautious. It's a more tactical game though and is more objective based than just plain run-and-gun. Just so people don't go in thinking it's gonna be a replacement for CoD. SOCOM is actually in its own league. Maybe more close to Counter Strike

JL3380d ago

I actually had no real problems with this game as far as what it was. Granted there were some bugs and whatnot to overcome at first, but the game is actually really fun. I love some SOCOM. Actually got me wanting to pop it in again, been a while. My biggest disappointment with this game, was there was no single-player campaign. THAT is what let alot of SOCOM fans down. SOCOM was always about the campaign first. Then once that's run it's course, just online with it for some fun. But for what it was, Confrontation was/is fun for me.

I will agree SOCOM is in a league of it's own. And it definitely is more tactical. That's why I'm going to have to disagree with your statement about the controls. The controls were made for a more tactical style rather than run-and-gun I think. For instance that zoom you talk about: i like that, because it forces you to stop and set yourself to zoom in and take aim. It's the lil things like that that always made SOCOM great for me.

RumbleFish3380d ago

SOCOM constipation is a flawed game. That is a fact. Watch his vids, especially the old ones: !!!

Everything he says about this game is the awful truth. It's a shame!

morganfell3380d ago

The old ones as in before any patching? Useless comment. While you are at it you can watch the over 20,000 Gears of War II prepatch glitch videos.

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va_bank3381d ago

But are the bugs fixed?

morganfell3381d ago

Yep, and the game is so tight it squeaks. The most tactically driven platfom game around where run and gun = dead meat and stategy and cunning put you on top.

Hallucinate3381d ago

woo now i can finally pop socom back in almost beenwaiting a year for this patch

SoapShoes3381d ago

I loved Socom 1 for PS2 and have been a Socom fan since then despite not owning another one. I may have to get this game, they've really fixed it up and they are not dropping support!

SpitFireAce853381d ago

I saw socom with the head set for 29.95$At Target.When i bought GT5P
for 10$ about a week ago.

D3acon3381d ago

the free content is 2 new factions and 2 new guns, the 9 sub, ak74, sr, m82 are guns that should have been there from the start. Those guns have been in every other socom so should have been there at launch. I won't be satisfied until they give us at least 2 free maps, either classic or new.

BlackTar1873381d ago

although its free so to complain that it shoudl have been in there and such is good but then socom 1 had guns socom 2 didnt and etc. so thats not really a good argument now the maps part i whole heartdly agree with i dont want new guns i want new maps my 552SD and M4ai SD work just fine although the addition of the sr-25 is golden and evens the playing field a little.

HQLocated1113381d ago

When is this update coming out. They never even release 1.50! But yea i'm excited to hear that there will be more submachine guns. Now it will make the submachine gun trophy much more enjoyable. Only 300 kills to go!

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