New Final Fantasy XIII OPM August Scans A few days ago, Square Enix PR gentleman Klee Kuo posted an image of the cover for PlayStation The Official Magazine's August 2009 issue, depicting Lightning. He said that the magazine was in the process of being shipped to subscribers and it appears to have gotten out quickly.

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ExgamerLegends23162d ago

Sounds like those level designs are amazing. My excitement for this and FFv13 is now 50/50. It use to be 30/70 in FFv13's favor. Cant wait to throw a tire at someone lol.

Delta3162d ago (Edited 3162d ago )

Jeez, i wanna play this game bad, But there needs to be more news on FFvs13. Hopefully there's going to be some news about it at TGS.

dylandurden3162d ago

I don't think so.

Obviously they're trying to focus our attenction on the imminent FF XIII.

Expect to see lots of info on Versus after FF XIII's release.

blacksniper3162d ago

I just hope we can control everyone in the final version, including the summons.

SpoonyRedMage3162d ago

I want Chocobo and Slime pillows! Damnit!

..oh and the game sounds/looks great too.