appVersity: Galactic Gunner Review

Tap-to-shoot games are in large quantity in the App Store, but most of them suffer from a general blandness and simple gameplay. Galactic Gunner suffers from neither of those problems. Cinematic animations and challenging gameplay make Galactic Gunner a true blast to play.

You are placed in the role of a futuristic gunner for the human forces in an epic war between the humans and the Trepidoids, an alien force. The commander of the forces does all the piloting for you, so you can focus on shooting asteroids, enemy fighters, and turrets.

Unfortunately encounters with the Trepidoids are rather messy, so your commander will have to preform some precarious flight maneuvers, making your job more difficult.

Unfortunately Galactic Gunner only has six levels (the first two of which are practice runs, but fun nonetheless). However, these levels are quite long, and they are all extremely well designed and fun.

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